Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused?

Sat 5th May 2012


What! or just bad photography….I hear you say…

I have plenty of these slightly less than  good photo’s. With this digital age in theory we should not really have any blurry or out of focus pictures. That is unless we want them this way. And of course this was on purpose… Yeh right. I have just  seen a pink flying pig..just passed that jumbo jet. heehee!

Enjoy if your eyes are up to it, after viewing many other bloggers pictures as well.

Not drinking too much, honest ossifer, not a drip possed  mi lops….

Lovely Eloise. my daughter
A few years ago.
She was 8 and cute.

©Gerry A/C 2012

Please no anauthorised use without written permission from the author / photographer. (ME)





51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused?

  1. After seeing all the unfocused photo’s and my own, I am beginning to wonder if I’ve been drinking ossifer. LOL!
    Great entry Gerry. 🙂

    1. Hey there is that you Madhu, thanks so much for you commentzz am truly honoured, I am getting dizzy this week..
      Seriously thanks for your visit and lovely comment always welcome. 😉

  2. You see every one else’s, you will have serious double vision.. thanks pix and kardz for stopping by and commenting… 😉 always welcome.

  3. So my friend, she’s no longer 8 and cute, but hopefully a little older now beautiful…at least that is what my 17 year old daughter always told me from that day on! Great and precious pic…i always bring some of the older ones out to torment my child…Ha, Ha! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Wendell, not 8 still cute but a little more with the mouth, talking back. generally becoming her own person, but love her to bits. thanks for stopping by again, always welcome an am honoured…;)

  4. She looks like she is a real cute kid from what I can see … reminds me of a Beetle’s song 😉 … Must be good looking, she’s so hard to see…. LOL …

    1. She is, and was, and is still the best… thanks Marcy love ’em. could post another more visible picture heehee! but her head will only get bigger……

  5. Very cute indeed, and the unfocused aspect adds something to it, actually. This has been a useful challenge in showing that some of one’s ‘flops’ – arn’t!

    1. Some are pretty good, some are groggy, and yes I think the same, my eyes play tricks with me,, thanks so much for visit and comment. always welcome. 😉

    1. She was 8 then and is now 15 a rather strong person in her own right now. To me still my little squidge..;) thanks and always welcome Carol..;)

    1. Yes, completely unintentional but it does have a character to it. Probably my daughters posing, she loved to pose…thanks so much Judee for your visit and lovely comment. Always welcome..;)

  6. Hi Gerry, this photo is really intense. It’s great when on full screen! I’ve taken a while to find it because your posts have stopped arriving in my email inbox, as have all WordPress posts that I used to receive. I’ve just stumbled on the Reader and found your post there. WordPress blogging keeps me on my toes; I can never assume anything will be the same the next time I look at it.

    1. I am sorry to hear that Trish, I seem to be overwhelmed with alerts, and some times ones get missed because of it. I have tried the suggestions that is going around but does make an iota of difference. Good luck with trying to sort it, I hope I am not missing yours.
      Thank you for getting to me and making wonderful comments 😉

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