Art, as I could never do again..

Thursday 10 May 2012

Art, as I could never do again..


Goofy, Mickey’s Friend..√

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©Gerry A/C 2012


38 thoughts on “Art, as I could never do again..

    1. Just done things that I liked. Never looked at them as any thing other than drawings..Thanks so much Carol for your comments and visit .Always welcome. 😉

  1. Oh my gosh Gerry!! Where have you been hiding yourself? Or has it been me who has had her eyes closed?
    You are eally very good. I saw this alert in my email and before I began catching up on any other post I had to come see. I am so glad I did. How awesome. I cannot decide which is my favorite- they are all so good. But I do have a special affonty for the old women’s shoe and the kids. Just saying.

    1. Wow, my lady, haven’t heard from you for awhile, hope all is well. It seems I am out voted here, I prefer the man and duck, purely a personal view. the old woman is turning the popular. Once again am truly honoured to to read your comments 😉

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! You did these? How wonderful and multi-talented you are. What makes you think you can’t still do this? I believe in you!


    1. Thank you Francine. Always welcome and love your comments. So honoured and blessed for you to say your wonderful words…thanks so much..;)

  3. I love your drawings, Gerry. With a little practice, I’m sure you could pick up where you left off. The talent is obviously there. 🙂 I like the ‘shoe for sale’, and the man with the goose, especially. Good job!

    1. Marcy I always get lifted on reading your comments, and look forward to them. Praise is wonderful and uplifting thank you so much..;) old lady is winning the popular choice…

  4. Gerry, these are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC!!! You most definitely MUST do more. The Word of God says,”God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.” (Rom.11:29). So you DO still have the gift. The Word also says, “As [a man] thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Prov.23:7). So you must think and speak positively about your gift for drawing and art — and you must use it. Because the Word also says, “For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.” (Luke 12:48). And you, my friend, have most assuredly been given MUCH talent.

    (Sorry for the sermon; couldn’t help myself. Just the result of “hangin’outwithGod” so much.)

    1. Dont be sorry, I enjoy reading your words, they mean so much to me. The praise this post has amassed is so overwhelming. I put it together quickly because I felt i should posting some thing this week. And it has surprised me to the extent of in awe of peoples enjoyment of my work, never believing it was worthy….Welcome and am truly honoured to have you visit,,thanks . 😉

  5. By the way, thanks so much for the “Like” on the novel excerpts. I’m seriously thinking about offering that book as a “free read” on the site as well — but only for a limited period of time. It should be out in digital format soon anyway, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t give my own blog readers an opportunity to read it without paying $2.99. I’m mulling the idea over.
    (Ooops! Did it again. Picked up on the previous conversation as if I’m still in the middle of it, but here I am on the other site. Oh, well, you’re probably used to it by now.)

    Blessings on you.

    1. Sandra, you can visit as many times as you wish, you are welcome at all times. Your book seems to be a good story. It did not seem fitting to leave a comment. It would like commenting on a half built house not knowing the overall picture. Just to be polite and say it is good would be an insult to your work. But will say it was easy to read, and that means every thing to me. I also clicked your links, enjoyed them also. So Sandra I love reading your comments and you are always welcome..Thank you. 😉

      1. Yes, I understand what you mean about commenting on only part of a piece. I’m getting more and more positive about offering the book on my site though. It’s been a very popular book. Hasn’t put me on the New York Times Bestseller list yet, of course, but that truly was not my goal when I wrote it. I would like for it to bless more people though, and so often people who can be the most blessed are not in a position to just go out and buy all the books they’d like to read. I’ve definitely been there myself, and I always try to remember that when I think about getting my books out to readers. Thank God I’ve sold a lot of books, but I’ve also given away scores of them just because I believe the Lord instructed me to do so. And, in the long run, they are all His anyway. There would be no talent or creativity in me — and thus no novels — if He hadn’t put it there and taught me how to use it.

      2. I just love telling people what to do — in case you can’t tell. I’m trying the get The Dorset Rambler to do a “coffee-table” book of his photos, along with the text of his walking trips. Maybe I should change my profession and become an agent????????

      3. Yes Sandra, I can actually see what you are saying, and can fully understand. I am trying to finish the novel what I started in NANOWRIMO etc and would really love to see it in print. But at the moment do not feel confident about it.
        Also thanks for your advice about the cards etc, we have had a similar mention, but I think it is a very good idea and suggestion I might actually check it out. I really do look forward to and enjoy your comments/advice. Every word is appreciated and becoming to know you is even better. thanks so much am honoured..;)

    1. Thank you Isadora, I just look at them as ‘pictures of the past’.. that phrase is a nice title for a poem or story, got that ring.. always welcome an am honoured…thanks..;)

      1. Hi Cobbie … Thanks for the comment on my phrasing.
        I was going to mention this on the post you did on guitar playing but can’t seem to find it. Just thought you might like to hear some interesting guitar playing. The guitarists are a variety of styles. I enjoy all of these and more. A guitar can produce a nice variety of styles. Perhaps, you’re familiar with thme already but, if not, check them out on You Tube.
        Acoustic Alchemy – album: there are lots; Ottmar Liebert – album : Euphoria and Jose Feliciano – album: Jose Feliciano and Amigos. Sounds odd to think of Jose as someone who plays guitar well but he is a master of classical guitar. Anyway … hope you enjoy. ~~~~ : – )

      2. Thanks so much for thinking of me about these artists. Funny enough I have a couple of Ottmar Liebert on my favourite in my you tube acc, I have always loved Jose Feliciano, he was featured on our TV a few months back. But Acoustic Alchemy is new to me, and do like what I have checked out. Thank you. If you like guitar players Here are a couple I regular listen to.- Stefan Grossman,- Tommy Emanuelle. a very popular one is Chet Atkins. I thank you Isadora, so very welcome and hope you also enjoy.. til next visit. 😉

    1. The lady in the shoe is definitely becoming the most popular. may be I should put it on sale, do prints. tehee! Thank you so much for your visit and wonderful comment…always welcome..;)

      1. Yes, put prints on sale! No joke! Are there any gift, craft, or stationery stores in your area? They would probably like to offer some work by local artists. Make up a set of them, framed. Or make up a set of greeting cards with those drawings as covers. You could make a set of 6 or 12 with all the same drawing — or a variety set with several different ones. You can purchase boxes of envelopes just the size for a folded half-page or a folded full-page of card stock. (They’re called “invitation envelopes” here in the States). And you can get cellophane bags with re-stick flaps in bulk for very little money, so that you can package the sets.

        I think we talked about greeting cards once before. But – as I said in the post I made earlier today – I just LOVE telling people what to do. (Not that I expect everyone to agree with me. But if it sounds like a great idea to me, I hate to keep it to myself.)

    1. Thank so much for your praise, so glad you like them, I am really over whelmed about all this attention on a few pictures from the past. Always welcome and am honoured, thank you..;)

  6. Art, as I could never do again..
    DO NOT stifle creativity? You can do this, Gerry. We obviously want to see more. You are a man of many talents. How absolutely wonderful. Keep on keepin’ on…
    Gerry’s art… To be continued…

    1. Gemma, I am in awe of your comments and truly honoured, thank you so much for your praise, will see what I can do..Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a wonderful comment always welcome..;)

    1. The woman in the shoe looks to have won the popularity stakes. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and do so appreciate it…Thank you…;)

  7. You are a man of many talents. Multi-talented and gifted you are, dear brother. I can’t decide which is my favorite, between the man and duck and the old woman who lived in a shoe. Both speak so many words. Wow. Now, I know the horse would be Hallie’s fave, as horses are among her first loves. I used to sketch, though never quite as good as you. I’ve thought about picking it back up from time to time, but ahhhh, time… Alas, there is never enough. I love all these drawings! Oh, Hallie just came in here and looked at them. She says, “Oh! How wonderful!! No, he did not draw these?! He’s amazing!” Oh, and I asked her what her fave was, and she the old woman in the shoe. 😉 These really are amazing. I hope they are framed and on your wall. Everyone should see.

    1. You are too kind, and i really over whelmed with interest and enthusiasm I have had on this post especially. These were just a few drawings I did a long time ago, and last year I scanned them for a digital record. My daughter liked a couple of them, she is turning into good at drawing.. The man and duck is my favourite but it seems the lady and shoe is winning. It is quite amazing how one thinks of ones own pieces. Carol you are so full of encouragement, and with other peoples comments I am just flabbergasted. (That is a brill’ word) Always caring, and love sent over the pond to you and your lovely Hallie…thank you…;)

    1. Thank you Jennygoth666,The lady in the shoe is winning this battle. I tried to visit your site but could access, do not know why.. any way thank you 😉

  8. Just found this post. Like all those who have already commented, I say: fantastic drawings! Wish I was as talented.

  9. Thank you Trish, your comments are welcome as always, I just did things and the time did not think of them other than drawings. but never the less love you visit and comments..;)

  10. Six moths ago? I enjoyed revisiting this post and reading all the comments i missed last time. Glad I came back. It must have been me having my eyes closed because you were obviously not hiding anywhere (re:my first comment above) by the looks of all these awesome comments on this post!,

    My kind Sir so glad the women in the old shoe was tops. 😉 For me it is because of the way you did the kids, And love the complexity of the drawing lots of great details.

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