3 Awards ‘Thank You’ 100

Tuesday 15th May 2012

Already that time…Doesn’t time Flyyyyy

Hope I have done this okay and have not upset any one…

Very Apt Post for my 100 post on this site… So thank you.

Attention for Wendell of  http://foreverpoetic.me/

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really am overwhelmed and in awe of this attention and interest I have some how managed to amass. And I am so happy, if some what surprised, to accept and appreciate  it all.

Wendell of
Forever Poetic

The   for accepting this award is listing seven things about me (that you don’t know), If I can remember much more….so here we go: 

1. I do not own a smart phone, in fact I hardly ever use a mobile(cell). Phones bore me.

2. I get very much into the switch over on TV with all these reality and talent shows.  If these programs stopped being about the   ‘SO CALLED JUDGES’ and more about the contestants.

3.  When I had long hair it took me many times over a period of time (couple years)to actually gain courage to have my hair cut shorter.

4. Talking about hair, I lost a job because of it. When the Isle of  Wight Festival was on I was working as a postie in Lymington, and you could actually hear the music across the water. My boss once asked if I had to make a choice of getting my hair cut or losing my job. What would I choose. No gold stars for guessing my answer. Of course it would not happen today Would it?

5. I still cant swim, water in this sense scares me and always have. Yet I like boats, BIG ONES.

6. Although I had a girlfriend, was actually engaged, who owned a horse and we frequented shows, I have never ridden a horse.

7. Am a very sentimental person, emotional as well, but I hide this part of me.

Wendell of Forever Poetic

Beautiful Blogger Acceptance  are as below.

1. Thank the person who gave you the award

2. Paste the award on your blog

3. Link the person who nominated you for the award

4. Nominate 7 bloggers or less

5. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated

My Nominees are         (Sound like a talent show host, the Winner ……isssss…..)

Madhu  at  the urge to wander.            http://theurgetowander.com/  A class site…

Gemma at – the first and fabulous      http://firstandfabulous.wordpress.com/

Canadian Travel Bugs                              http://canadiantravelbugs.wordpress.com/

Isadora from                                                   http://insidethemindofisadora.wordpress.com/

Judee from In Tuit                                          http://allwaysjudee.wordpress.com/

And to any other of my followers, it is hard to find people that do not have the awards already, or participants in the Award arena. However my thoughts are. ‘A Very Big Thank You’


The Hug Award

No’ 2






Wendell also nominated me for the Hug Award, but I already have it so this is also in acknowledgement of Wendell and fabulous blog site.  Visit at –  http://foreverpoetic.me/




Gerry A /C 2012



48 thoughts on “3 Awards ‘Thank You’ 100

    1. Why thank you so much, trying to be a little different but it gets harder as more get posted. Hence my other site. It means so much to me to read your encouraging comments. Always welcome and appreciated. 😉

  1. 5 was hilarious.
    I don’t own a smart phone either. High Five!
    Did they just fire you after asking that question? They can’t just do that!

    1. No they just made things hard for awhile, but you got remember that this was back in the early 70’s they got away with alot in those days… thank you Rommel for stopping by and commenting,, 😉 always welcome…

      1. Oh I see now.

        By the way! Congrats on your 100th. It’s a pretty awesome thing to hit a milestone of our blogging experience.

  2. Congrats Gerry on so many things.So many levels. I have had the same problem with cutting my own hair, it is currently riding along on my bum now. I have cut ithe braids 3 times for locks of love but it took years to build up the courage. Why were you reluctant?

    I also cannot swim, not well. I have been taught in my 40’s to float on my back but I would not be able to save myself in troubled waters. I never go into any body of water I cannot touch the ground.

    One more thing to share with you. You being sensitive is not a secret. Atleast not with me who shares a love of children with you. See..I can see it, your heart is good and tender.

    I knew I liked you~

    1. Waiting for my blushes to go, right ready!…I am really in awe of your praise, my Lady. my hair was me I had long hair, (various length’s) nearly all my life up to this time. It was at least half down my back. I could not imagine myself with short hair. Hence my reluctance.Swimming and water have never interested me, I could no matter how hard I tried, like water. I enjoyed beaches, in winter, and rugged terrain beaches for scenic values.
      We seem to have come a similar mold, All I can say, words are not really enough though, is thank you thank you so much. Big hug..and always caring and welcome…

  3. Me too, I hate mobile phones. I carry one in case my car breaks down (it happens from time to time), but no one can ring me because I don’t turn it on. This annoys some people. A guy once asked me, “Don’t you want to be contactable?”. No! Not when I’m out and about, at least. Now I could say “Send me an email” or “Make a comment on my blog”!

    1. Thank you Trish always nice to read your visit, and I am the same, I carry a phone but as you it is purely for emergency. and my daughter. It is switched but unless I know the caller, even then not always, will answer. My daughter text’s me telling she is safe, on her way home etc…
      And exactly email me, and I then choose to reply…..love your visit… always welcome..;)

  4. Congratulations again, Gerry. You deserve it all. You are cerainly one of my favorites. End of the school year, busy as can be. I have some awards to be thankful for and will get to them all when school’s over and time doesn’t have to be such an issue.
    You’re the best, man! 🙂

    1. Thank you Gemma, as always welcome, and you probably noticed your name on my award list, so there is another one for you, you also well worthy, for both you and your site… Thank you again am honoured… 😉

  5. Thanks Cobbie for the award! I am honoured and tickled that others actually like my ramblings 😉 I will get to posting later this week a proper acceptance and link to other blogs.
    Thanks again for the award and following me at Canadian Travel Bugs…
    PS congrats on 100 posts… quite the milestone.

    1. You are very welcome, and also your site and you are well worthy and enjoyable site. thank you for the reply.. Always welcome.. 😉

    1. And it is with thanks to you for your wonderful support, not to forget others as well, but especially yours. thank you, look forward to more 😉

  6. Belated Congratulations on this award. I appreciate your nominating me for it. I am just getting around to the rules and the posting of them. I really do take the nominations seriously as I know there are so many who could be chosen so to be chosen is a blessed honor. Thanks …. Isadora

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