Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Summer’

Saturday  26th  May 2012.


Summer Haze -Barcelona

Summer Beach -Salou

Summer Sea Front – Salou

Summer Holiday -Hollywood Studios

Summer Disney – Magic Kingdom

I do not know the names of these flowers.

Three were photographed in Hotel grounds in Spain.

The other three on home soil.

Butterflies, well to me just butterflies, all very pretty 

and photographed in Wild life Parks.

©Gerry A / C 2012


38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Summer’

  1. Wow, Gerry, you’ve done a lot of artwork with your photos. The butterfly piece is excellent.

  2. I looked up the name of the flower on the left side at the bottom, because that are one of my favourites: bird of paradise flower! I like it very much!

    1. Wow thanks Cassie, and as I read your comment it rings a bell, when I remember the hotel saying something. So glad you like and I learnt something as well Always welcome 😉

  3. Wow, Gerry! So beautiful! And a ton of work, I bet. But thank you for taking the time and effort to make these collages and share them. Hope you and your family have a really HAPPY SUMMER THIS YEAR!

    1. Thank you Sandra, at the moment UK is in a mini heatwave, but looks to be coming to and end in a day or two. I enjoy this type of designing and editing. I did nearly not bother because I could not get it right. It is great to have it appreciated. So Sandra thank you so much. Always welcome. 😉

      1. We are in a horrible heat wave in the mid-west too. It has never before reached these kinds of temperatures in May here. We have had multiple days in the high 90’s, and it isn’t even really summer yet. And worse than the temperatures themselves, of course, is our horrible humidity.

      2. Humidity is a problem, I am asthmatic, and in this country when we get hot weather I struggle, but I have been to Florida and Spain and temperatures hit 30+ but I can enjoy it, it does not affect me the way it does in UK. Again thank you Sandra, always enjoy our little moments of responding.

    1. Wendell, thank you, and yes I do agree, that was what I tried to portray. It is not until some one else says it, when you know that is what you have achieved. Always welcome 😉

  4. Looks like you’ve been playing with your computer programs to create these wonderful little montages, Gerry. Any one of the three capture ‘summer’ wonderfully. Great job! 🙂 Hope your summer is starting out on a lovely note! 🙂

    1. Thank you Marcy, and at the moment the mini heat wave we are having I can say it is. Yes I do enjoy messing about with programs and trying to come up with something different. Always welcome and am honoured. ;0

  5. You gotta love that Disney guy. He sure cued into everyone’s
    love of being a kid again. I love going and wearing my Mickey
    ears and acting like a little kid on steriods. AND …. their ice cream
    at the ice cream parlors make you mouth water with just the aroma.
    Oh Gosh … I’ll have to take a ride soon. It’s only three hours away.
    I visit all the time. We have resident passes. Luck us … right ???
    Nice variety of photo’s ….

    1. Oooh, Isadora, I am sooo jealous, Magic Kingdom, that smell still in our nose, Yankee candle does a candle. and yes ice cream parlours spoilt for choice. Enjoy your visit as I enjoy your visit and comments,.. Always welcome. 😉

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