Sunday Post ‘Door’

Sunday 27th May 2012

Every Little Bit Helps



If you want to join in then follow the link say hello to Jake and read his details, enjoy his amazing site as well. Once all this is done then post your own version to his challenges. All I will say is now ‘Enjoy’

My Old Front Door

And if you open my old front door and walk through, you will be utterly amazed at the sight that befalls your eyes. It is the picture below. Yes that is DURDLE DOOR, along from the village of Lulworth ion Dorset coast line.

If you look carefully with a little imagination you can see a Dragon or Giant Seahorse taking a long, very long drink.

Durdle Door

A door is a movable structure used to open and close off an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or rotates inside a space. But in this case the only thing moving  is the Water flowing through ,and lots of it.

Gerry A/C 2012

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34 thoughts on “Sunday Post ‘Door’

  1. LOL, your front door might be somewhat typical, but that Durdle door was quite a pleasant surprise. Very unique and interesting entry, Gerry. That one is not so open and shut. 😉

    1. Just so happens to be close by and came to mind on Jakes challenge. and different it is… thanks Marcy for your visit and comments to which I always love.. always welcome. ;0

    1. Yes they do but there is a warning for strong undercurrents. They even jump off the top as well. When we as a family lived there it was just our house is a high street. It has been many things since.

  2. I saw the dragon right off! Cool photo and neat door. It reminds me of an apartment building door my husband and I knocked on near San Fran, California, while looking for a place to live in the early ’70. The owners turned us away. My husband’s hair was too long. (It barely reached his ear lobes! LOL). The good ol’ days…

    1. Oh yes, I remember those days, long hair and you were an alien. Thank you for your lovely comment and really enjoy your visits. Always welcome 😉

    1. Oh yes, when we visited, we tried to offer him a princess but was interested. So I am still with my wife. teehee, thanks again Cathy for comment and visit. 😉

  3. Yes, I definitely see a giant Seahorse. Reminds me of that Disney movie I saw called “The Seahorse.” This is a terrific picture, and I think probably takes the prize for the most unusual take on this theme.

  4. Nice seahorse. A room with a view, or do you just have a poster on the wall? So many different approaches to the challenge. I’m new here and loving it already.

    1. No do not do posters, see if for real just 35 miles down the road on Dorset coast. Thank you for stopping by always welcome. appreciate your visit. 😉

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