Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Today’


1st June 2012

Today there could be another missing kid.

  Check out the site Today by clicking the link in my sidebar.  



                                       You Choose!

                     If you leave your choice ‘til tomorrow then guess what,

                                                             it will be today.


Today is always today, and tomorrow never comes as yesterday is has always passed.


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©Gerry A/C 2012


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Today’

    1. The line I was actually looking for is ‘Today is the tomorrow we were talking about yesterday’ Thanks for the visit and comment. always welcome.

    1. Certainly is, and every little bit helps, I am trying to get my chugging train to become anexpress, more carriages needed. Thank you and always welcome

  1. Love that calendar idea! Genius!

    Live for today! Yesterday is history. The future is uncertain. Today is the present, a gift, and we should live it as if it were our last. What would you do if you knew today was your last?

    1. Some really wise words and so true. I do not know what I would do. I suppose we could all come up with some wonderful ideas, but in real life I do not think we would know what to do. Again I say big thank you Carol, your words and visit are always welcomed and loved. 😉

  2. I Totally Agree with you!!
    As there is this Nine Days song that Says: “So, you should never let the sun set on tomorrow, before the sun rises today”

    Is much more about what you write about, excelent!! 😉

    1. Thank you, I learn from you, not know the song but will try to find it. but love your visit and comment, always welcome and appreciated…;)

      1. It is a great song, you should listen to it 😉
        Hoghly recomended 😀 jejeje
        I also appreciate your visits and comments, so thaks also to you and you are welcome! Have a great week!

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