A collaboration with Immie, hope you all enjoy and visit. Thank you!

Sitting on the Porch 2

June 10th 2012 Sunday

The poems below were originally written by  Imogen Shepard © of http://mybyeworld.com/     and wehave done a duet on poetry. Below is the final result of our collaboration. Immie wrote a couple of poems and then passed them to me to which I added some lines and words of my own. Immie liked what she read and then for me to post it. I do hope that of you who may read it, like them and comment to this. Also may I ask you to visit Immie via the link above or below and say ‘Hello’ Her site is well worth a visit, let her know you called. This post could be used as this weeks  challenge ‘Friendships’ Cyber friend.

A comment for Immie is I hope you approve.

She’s Gone ©

We have now drifted apart;         

no longer are we as one,

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