Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Friendship’

11th June 2012 Monday


My daughter Eloise and her friends..



and hope you enjoy.

Gerry A/C 2012©




22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Friendship’

  1. There were three in the bed, and the little one said, Roll over, Roll over.
    What a beautiful child.

    1. Ditto Madhu, she has gathered loads as well. The Teddy in th photo is one that was given to her by school so that we could record it travels. Thay do it for all children that travel on hols. Thanks for comment always welcome

      1. Hi Gerry, true I have been mia lately but things are good, and I am getting back into my saddle again. Thanks for noticing I have been less chatty than the norm. I have missed so many blogs including yours that I must get caight up.
        Trusting all is well with you and yours, that you are getting some spring/summer yet?

      2. My Lady, it is with great concern that I have not heard or read much from you, and being many miles away with a bloody great ocean between our countries, making knocking on your door and asking if all is ok, impossible. But am very happy to see that you have remounted the horse and riding again. Always caring… thank you again for the praise. 😉

  2. Your kind concern My Cobbie friend is much appreciated. It’s been a tough couple months but not anything I cannot deal with in the end. It’s the just not being sure of that during that is so trying. All is good honest, Just as I said, back on the mount and e=riding high into the hills is where I am at again. A wonderful place to be I might add. ~

    Thanks again good friend!

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