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Sunday 10th June 2012

Tagged Number 4

Ruth from Colorado at   http://weirdandcoolstuff.wordpress.com/   pop along to her site and say hello, it is well worth and she will welcome you. Just let her know you called.

Has tagged me, and this makes it a fourth time for me.

I will answer the question she has asked but I am going to chicken out on the part of tagging, by asking to tag 11 bloggers and set 11 new questions. This I am finding it very hard to follow up on so I will answer the question that Ruth has asked of me,, which is- ;

FIRST!……. Post these 

Answer the question the tagger listed for you in his or her post.

Ruth asked me…..Gerry, you’ve posted some great pics from the ’60s. Would you share one of your favorite memories from that time period?

Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

Cannot think up another 11 questions, well not sensible ones.
Choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.

As I have already done tagging 3 times that is 33 bloggers and I plumb run out of bloggers
Let each blogger know that you have tagged them.

Gerry, you’ve posted some great pics from the ’60s. Would you share one of your favorite memories from that time period?                                                                                                                                                                                               So Ruth here is an answer from that era……

One night myself and two other friends went to see (blues band before their transformation) in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. We got to the venue by train, we were not old enough to drive a car.  The concert went well, and they did several encore’s. We were getting a little worried about time, train timetable and return trip, but we stayed for yet another encore. When they did not return to the stage for another one we, like everyone else left for home. We ran like the wind to the train station, but was all in vain, our train the last train had left. We were stranded. A last possible chance was to try and catch what we know as midnight milk train. But this idea also failed because there was a milk train this night. Next train home was 06.30, that was   7 1/2 hours wait.  We were turned off the station,because they needed to lock up and would not allow us to stay on the platforms. Whilst wandering the town, passing time and keeping warm, we were passed several times by the police. Eventually they stopped us and questioned us. It was a cold winters night and they must have felt sorry for us, why, because they arranged a lift back home in a police car. Our home was approx 25 miles away.  So to be dropped home by the police was quite an exciting moment that finished a great evening.

Do you want join in?

I am not going to nominate 11 bloggers, it is very difficult for me to this but will offer a task to any that want to participate.

Today people use the words ‘Alternative Comedy’ I just think it is a phrase to cover unfunny and talentless people that think they are funny by being rude, swearing a lot and thinking this is humour.

My question to you is ‘how do you view Alternative Comedy’  answer as short or as long as you  wish R.S.V.P.

 Gerry A/C  June 2012


14 thoughts on “Tagged by ‘Ruthincolorado’ #4

  1. Excellent story about missing the last train. You’re a great storyteller!
    Re: Alternative comedy – never heard of it. Must be an English form of entertainment. But I’ve heard comedy acts full of swearing where the audience laughs at each swear word as if it is the joke. I switch off immediately. Those comedians might have talent but they’re misguided.

    1. Thanks Trish, yes it seems so, but I would not say misguided, we can all swear and throw insults about and to me that is not talent. Always love your comments and visits, appreciated very much thanks. 😉

    1. As I was writing my little tale I thought exactly the same. How things have changed… at least it makes for good stories or memories. thank you as per normal love to read your comments…. 🙂

  2. Love your share concerning Fleetwood Mac one of myvery fave’s. Was Stevie Nicks the lead vocalist then? Can you recall any of their playlist? Did they do any of the tunes we might know today? I am fascinated.

    I did got to see Jefferson Airplane in their early hey days of being San Franscico’s hot band performing in a venue called The Matrix. They actually went for awhile by the name of Jeffy & The Fly Boys. But I always thought it weird and dissing on Gracie Slick my idol.
    I was all of 15, had no business even being out of my state of Oregon. No parental permission even. A VW bus full of kids making an impulsive choice to visit Haight Ashbury, WE had nothing like this anywhere in Oregon and we were fascinated with whole “Hip” scene of the Haight. Or at least what I had read and heard about. It was an exciting and interesting experience. We spent 3 days there, with hardly any spare money. It was the 60’s of course.

    Wow thanks for the memory trigger.~ Awesome Gerry!

    1. Well let me think, Fleetwood Mac was pre Stevie Nicks, all the blues style line up, John Mcvie (Bass) Peter Green, (lead guitar) Mick Fleetwood (Drums) cannot remember the fourth, possibly Christine Perfect married John Mcvie later, but she also played with a group called ‘Chicken Shack’ so am not sure whether before or after our experience. I have never seen Jefferson Airplane but did like their music. You mention one name they were known as but I also knew them as ‘Jefferson Starship’ all related line up and music changes. Myself and a few friends,like you, used to do some weird and wonderful things for the sake of music. and like you say it was the 60’s. Probably not quite so advisable today. We was always looking for the hip scene so to speak. But it was a great time and great experiences to be remembered. We spent a night a the Lyceum (London), a story for another post, if I recall. Glad that you were ignited into remembering some nice ones also. Really great to read your comments and always wishing you well…always caring. 😉

    1. That is an idea, I have and am racking my brains for ideas of stories for my other blog, ‘Writing Hell’ so might just re-write and dramatise a little more. Thank you once again Sandra and with added ideas. i do love reading your comments. thanks again. 😉

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