Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Create’

Friday 22nd June 2012

Every Little Bit Helps


My different approach to the challenges. It says a photo so I have had to put a photo in it.

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The baby is my daughter Eloise, just after she gave her mum a difficult birth of 16 hours labour and was then born via Cesarean Section.

         My wife designed and Created these fine pieces of jewellery, which she is in the process of trying to sell. She has many other designs and can and will make to order, design and styles. So if you or you know someone who would like some pieces, all reasonably priced. contact the usual way. thanks. Just click the photo for a larger view.

Gerry A/C 2012©


46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Create’

  1. Hi,
    A lovely photo of your daughter, and what a wonderful talent your wife has, they are beautiful. 🙂
    An excellent post for the theme.

    1. Thank you ‘evilnymph’ yes her jewellery making is only limited by imagination. I might do post with more. have to see. again thanks and welcome. 😉

  2. The sweetest little face there, just makes my heart fuzzy warm with the thought of baby smells.
    Okay, you are just one talented family! I’d love to hang out in your home.
    I am smitten with your wife’s bracelets. I have to ask ,does by any chance create matching earrings too? I’d be interested for sure.
    Let me know please, okay?

    1. Hi my Lady, and thank you for your praise, always love it and always welcome.,
      She can and has done matching sets. Bracelets and ear-rings and necklaces. Mostly depends on what people like. So answer to your question is yes, can do matching. I have some more pictures and samples and might try to fit in a post for them alone. Thank you, always enjoy and love your visits. 😉

      1. Cool Gerry, I will keep my eyes open for your posting of more of your beloved lady’s work. I’m most interested in blues just for an FYI. ~ I have no issue about purchasing across the pond. I have done it several times from the UK and from France. I like to support thriving artist’s. It’s important to me on a personal level. So ley your lady love know I’m most serious about this. It’s be an honor to wear her pieces.

      2. I will notify you directly if and when I do a post of her jewellery. We were going to try and do a web page and facebook page. I will pas on your lovely words to her, and I say a big thank you and always welcome. 😉

      3. Thanks so much Cobbie and your Mrs. It would as I said be my honor. I think a seperate web site, blog, or Facebook is the perfect idea. You both are extremely creative so I’m confident you’ll find what works best. I’ll keep my eyes open. It’s my pleasure~

    1. Why thank you so much Cathy, I was at the hospital with her and it was not a pretty sight to both listen to and look at. Feeling of helplessness comes to mind. she has other pieces also. Thank so much as always welcome 😉

  3. Oh, MAN! What can I say. The piece with the word C-R-E-A-T-E leading to the “done” photo is a masterpiece! I love it! And your wife’s jewelry is truly beautiful. Do post another article that focuses on the jewelry itself. I bet there are a lot of people who are blogging friends who would be inereted in purchasing some of them. You guys are so gifted.

    1. Thank you Sandra, me just trying to be different as usual. And am very happy that you liked it. It seems that the jewellery is a hit, I’ll get cracking on the photos and as the saying goes, ‘watch this space.’ But I have to say a very BIG thank you for your kind words and support. Always welcome ..;)

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