Honouring, Gold Medal Page.


2nd  July 2012


               it was reported that Gerry at Gerry’s Space was acknowledged and awarded another couple of awards. After investigation it has been found that he has been awarded these awards previously. Even with this information he has still written a post, recognising and accepting the admiration of the nominees’ as shown within this post. But by doing this post he is also recognising and admiring the bloggers who nominated him, as well as the blogging world and cyber friends gained.

Trudi at   http://thegingerbreadcafe.wordpress.com/


AD at http://adinparadise.wordpress.com/

Although I have this award already I am posting this in the honour of their recognition and support of my Blog Spot as well as me Recognising and honouring theirs.  For very obvious reasons I strongly recommend a visit and say hello. Their Blogs are of the most high quality and with varied topics to enjoy.

My Lady Baroness  – http://barefootbaroness.org/

 ‘Thank you’ – To a very dear friend, My Lady the Baroness, although have not known her very long or met face to face, we have gained much info from each other and both like what we read. Honesty has shone through and I feel a warmth that I can probably never equal in return. I cannot write or say enough good things about this wonderful lady.

To prove my point just pop along to her site by clicking the link and one will see and read exactly what I mean.


  Yes, a very big thank you to all my friends and fellow bloggers and cyber friends who not only recognise me and my site for the nomination of these awards but for being a friend as well.  I never even dreamed when starting this blogging I would meet up with so many wonderful people from so many different parts of the world. Everyone acknowledges each other for their posts and content nothing else.

Gerry A/C 2012…. Ps visit my Awards Page.


12 thoughts on “Honouring, Gold Medal Page.

  1. Dearest Gerry,
    “Your words humble me to the point where I am not all that certain I am really deserving, but the tears flow anyway”. blushingly she said. Thank you my kind man for the love and friendship you send across the pond. I have no doubt that should we have the blessing of meeting one day, friends for life we’d be. And I know too that our beloved spouses would also be part of the circle of friendship, because what we find to be loving in them so shall the others see too. The four of us would fast and furious friends for life, leaning on one another for support, having meals togther, and meeting together for the neighborhood pub night. We’d be the new Fab Four!

    I could keep writing for hours but you get my gest. Thanks again dear friend of mine, sending you wishes for a lovely week ahead, joyous times with those you love, and music and photography that feeds your soul.

    Cause I’ll be waiting….

  2. Nicely. I always claim not to be bothered about awards, but it is nice when someone likes our blogs enough to say ‘hey, good blog’.

    And the good side is sharing other decent blogs which I like doing 🙂

    1. I believe it to be what inspires every one to keep writing. If we dont get any visits likes or comments it becomes a little frustrating. I echo your sharing of good blogs, which there are many with all varying topics… Thanks as usual for stopping by, enjoy your reads…;)

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