Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Movement’

Saturday July 7th 2012

This weeks challenge is Movement’ and if you want to join in then click the link and enjoy and join in.



This was opened in 2010 and my daughter Eloise and wife Diane went on this and reckon it is brilliant.

I think it represents movement very well.

What do you think?

Also do you know where it is? Just my little way of making it more interactive.

Every Little Bit Helps


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Gerry A/C 2012 ©


72 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Movement’

  1. That’s some serious movement there! lol I have no idea where it is, somewhere in the world??? lol I’m not a ride person either. I think I’m probably too old for them to even let me on those kinds of rides anymore! Thank goodness…don’t have to make excuses for why I’m such a chicken any more. lol

    1. It looked and was pretty impressive, I am not one to ride these either, daughter loved it though. it is in Sea World Orlando and is called The Manta’ Thanks so much ‘ladywise’ for stopping by and commented. 😉

    1. You been there? you are of course very right, it is called the ‘Manta’ more impressive for real than in pictures. glad you popped in and commented. 😉

  2. Is it in Disneyland, Florida? I love the photos but am glad I wasn’t on it. With the two photos, you’ve captured movement!

    1. You have got the right vicinity but not Disney, it is Sea World, Orlando, and is called the Manta. My daughter and wife went on it and found it excellent. I am not a coaster person. thank you Trish for your visit and comment, 😉

  3. This is perfect for the theme, Gerry. And I would definitely have guessed that it came from one of your trips to Florida. I won’t guess now, though, since I already saw the answer in an earlier comment. And I DEFINITELY would never ride one of these things!

    1. I never liked them, daughter loves them though I just enjoy the atmosphere of parks, but did go on the 3D rides superman , simpsons etc. Thanks for stopping by and commenting….;)

    1. Sea World Orlando, called the Manta, representing Manta Rays. Apparently very good for adrenalin, Thanks for comments and always welcome.. 😉

  4. Wow! Not sure I could ride that one! Might toss my cookies. 😉 I used to love those crazy rides, but now, not so much. I like the tilt-a-whirl, scrambler, bumper cars, but nothing like this, I don’t think. Guess I can’t run with the big dogs anymore. Cool photos and entry for the theme! No idea where this is from. It doesn’t look familiar.

    1. Tea cups for me hehee! My daughter loved it and went on it several times. It is at Sea World Orlando, we stayed at the hotel opposite side of carpark. . My favourite park. 🙂

      1. Yes, teacups! 😉 Me, too. Hallie would probably want to ride it along with Ellie. Oh, I haven’t been to Sea World, yet. Heard it was awesome. We will have to check it out next time we go to Disney. I know y’all had a great time!

      2. Certainly did and you and your family would to, I guarantee it. you must be awake early midday here. 07.00 approx where you are?? Always caring. 😉 Oh crap,, thunder is being heard… camera at the ready. 😉

    1. It certainly does, and both my ladies thought it was pretty thrilling, they went on it several times… Thanks so much for stopping by and also for the Tweet, all appreciated.

    1. Apparently it was and I am not into these rides either. But I was still impressed with it.. hence the picturs and some movie pieces. thanks for stopping by and commenting, Always welcome…;)

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