Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Dreaming’

Saturday 14th July 2012



Just a quick one that i think is very much a dream of mine and has been for many years now.

Oh I wish!

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45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Dreaming’

  1. I think we’re all laughing about the idea of you dreaming you were dead. And then realising you’re dreaming of seeing your mum again! I love the way you’ve superimposed her in your thought bubble. What a wag you are.

    1. Thank you Trish, you have seen my dream. on my wave length, heehee! I say that not sure what you mean by ‘wag’ can guess though… thank you as always welcome. 😉

      1. A wag is someone who does things that are unexpectedly funny and unconventional but harmless. He finds a funny side of serious things. It’s a fairly old-fashioned word – lots of older Australians use it.

      2. Oh that is a nice description, and am happy with that, here in UK, it better known as footballers wives and girlfriends. (WAG wives and girlfriends) and I am neither.. heehee! thanks Trish for letting me know.. I must talk to my cousins in Oz more often. 🙂

  2. I had to look twice too in order to understand that you were dreaming of your mother and not of lying in a coffin. Very nice picture! And a very nice thought! 🙂

  3. That is so cool. I know how blessed I am every day that I can spend time with my mother and talk to her. I miss my dad, though. I know how much you must miss your sweet Mama. Cool photo! 😉

    1. Certainly do, was very close to her, very much alike. Even after all these years, she is still with me. I believe as long as she is in my mind and thoughts, she is always alive. thanks ‘squidge’ always honoured. 😉

  4. I really miss my mother also. She and I were best of friends after I became an adult, and even though she has been gone many years, I still miss her so much that I often think I would give virtually everything I own just to have 30 minutes to spend with her. I know I will see her again in Heaven, though, and that makes all the difference.

    1. ditto on that Sandra, every time I visit her resting place, I always say on leaving, ‘see you soon mum’. I was very close to mum, she was into music, could talk to her, she was not just a mother. Unfortunately I did not get on with my dad, though. different wave length etc… thanks again Sandra for your lovely words. 😉

  5. This is such a creative way to express missing your mother. I miss mine too and your photo lent to the fact that one day you hope to be rejoined with her. I am quite fascianted by this one my friend!

    1. I visit her resting place a few times each year, and every time As I leave my words are ‘I’ll see you soon mum’ I was very close to my mum, she was woman ahead of her times. not just a mother. more than a friend. she was into music as I am, many things I follow after…thanks My Lady as always I look forward to your visits and reading your kind words. 😉

    2. PS my Lady have you heard any thing from Marcy at Orples, she seems to have stopped or moved, but have had no word for over a month. I have left a hope she is well note as others have, but still nothing…??

  6. Hello Gerry my friend, I love that you are so close to your mom still today. I know that may sound weird but I think you know what I mean. Its says a whole lot about a guy who respects and honors his mom in my world. No wonder your Mrs likes you so much. 🙂

    No, I’ve not seen or heard anything from Marcy either. I have left a worrisome message as well, am hoping that she’s on holiday and staying off the grid. I find many doing so this summer. Think positive my friend, lend no negative energy to anything being wrong.
    Lets let one another know when we hear from her. Deal?

    1. My mother was my or is my life and inspiration. I will as I hope you will as well with Marcy, our positive vibes will be sent out. It just seems odd no word,she has many blogging and cyber friends. so am wishing all is ok. As always my Lady thank you, honoured and welcome. 🙂

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