My Part in ‘History in the Making’

Post date 16th July 2012 Monday

Event dates 14th and 15th July 2012 Sunday.

Me, my wife and my daughters  little part of history in the making. The video was recorded by me at 06.00 on Sunday morning of 15th July.

My wife and I got up early, 04.30 to be exact,  to go to town, Guildhall in Southampton, and witness the start of this days Olympic torch relay. On our arrival there were a few people and police but as the hour progressed the crowd grew. Below is a video I took and have also include a few photos of the day.

Below is a slideshow of which three photos are from Sunday morning. Titled as numbered.

1.  The clock and arrival time.

2. The Guildhall of Southampton.

3. The torch and bearer on the steps, he is preparing for the first leg of the day.

Did take more photo’s of the morning, but these I felt sum up the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Saturday 14th July 2012 my daughter and I went to Brockenhurst to see the part of the leg of the torch relay which went form Bournemouth to Southampton via Isle of Wight. It was a very wet day and both my daughter and I got soaked twice. And for the varying reasons and pro’s and con’s of this relay travelling the country. Today I witnessed a great deal of patriotism. Also saw people trying to make a quick pound, but overall the adventure was enjoyable, and for me to say that means that others though it was brilliant. My daughter also enjoyed our little adventure.

Also included in the slideshow are 6 other  pictures we took on this day (Saturday).  The selected few are all good that represent the day well.






42 thoughts on “My Part in ‘History in the Making’

    1. Well Gemma, after all the rain I was not going home without something. Infact my daughter took some by standing on a wall…love it thanks so much.

  1. Familiar scenes! I was in So’ton towards the end of last year, and also overnighted with a friend in Brockenhurst, who is a member of that crowd there! Wish I had hung on a bit for this event! 🙂

    1. This blogging never stops surprising me, it is a small world, I use to live in Brockenhurst, my brothers still do, hence why I visit it regularly. Also love the village. You must have visited the Foresters Arms, my niece was the chef their. Now living in Southampton hence the second part of post. Am so glad you like the post for several reasons, really do appreciate your visits. 😉

  2. Lovely photos. Gerry. You did well, in spite of the soakings. 😉 So exciting for those torch bearers. One of my friends here has a son who was chosen to bear it in Glasgow. The article got a full page in our local newspaper. 😉

    1. Yeh, I surprised myself, by getting so wrapped with all the emotions and thoroughly enjoying it. It has been making quite large headlines down here as well… Olympics here it comes.. 😉 Thanks and always appreciated 😉

    1. Yeh, Trish it is that, if you are into Olympics then yes, and the world is watching. But if you are not then unfortunately it is find something to do for a couple of weeks. Me I enjoy it and take it for what it is. Thanks trish for your visit and comment.

  3. What an awesome time to live in England!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. You know I am living vicariously through your reporting?
    Love your header for your paper too. Very professional and an eye grabber! Nice touch~ Your BB

  4. My Lady I am overwhelmed with your kindly words. and more so that you like this report. It is a global thing really, but it is good to be on our own doorstep. I enjoy Olympics purely for the sport and not the politics.. thank you and always welcome…..;)

    1. My dear friend my words only speak the truth of what’s in front of me. Sincerely this is such a brillant project as well as a timely one. I adore that I’ll be getting news of the Olympics from a friend who lives in the country that is hosting. Pretty special to me. Thanks so much reporter Cobbie!

      1. I sure hope I can report well and unbiased. Like what we like and I could not agree more and would not expect any thing less. As they say ‘Watch this space.’ So as always welcome and honoured my lady. 😉

  5. I am glad that you went and watched it even though it was wet, I thought when it came through my town how great it was and it bought everyone together. It does feel like making history doesn’t it?

    1. It was certainly very patriotic and did feel as though some thing big was in the making. Got some great pictures and a few movie pieces. so glad I went along and got involved. Thanks for your visit and comments as always very welcome..;)

  6. I have been lucky to see the torch twice as we have had 2 Olympics in Canada, the third was before I was born or just a wee baby. It was a fleeting moment and so fast as it ran past. I couldn’t make it to the lighting of the torch or events (both times on the West coast -far from home and too expensive). Still it was great to witness. Will you make it to any of the games?

    1. I dont think so, it has been a little slap dash here about tickets. But might try to get to some water ones in the nearby towns Weymouth, Portland. Have to see…. You must feel a real part of sport history in your country… Thanks for stopping by and commenting always appreciated thanks….;)

  7. Oh thanks for sharing these awesome pics from the torch relay! I heard 2 Filipinos were torch bearers. I hope you guys didn’t get sick because you got soaked! Should we expect Olympic photographs later on 😀 ?

    1. Thank you Nelson, we are okay, just a little damp,,,, thanks. Any pictures will not be from me, but might be able to get some for posting.. I do not expect to get to any events…;)

    1. It was pretty much so, I didn;t expect to, but did get caught up in the experience and enjoyed it… 😉 Thanks for stopping by, ps nice to have you back…

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and yes so are we, even the sports that less popular we still when no other on. But I am very pleased to have witnessed a small part …. 😉

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