Will you Join Us?

25th July 2012 Wednesday.

http://barefootbaroness.org/   and myself   ‘Watch this Space’

Come On Ya Know Ya Wanna!

Would every one please re-post or re-blog, and ask others on your blog to do the same and then the same again.

If this carried on and on then these posts will go around the UK, USA, Australia or any country and therefore there will be no place missed and for what ever reason we might be able to bring a lost child back home.

Ya know ya Wanna’


missing people logohttps://www.missingpeople.org.uk/

This site is for adult missing people, although it is linked with ‘Missing Kids’ but concentrates on the missing adults.

The Missing Blog http://www.themissingblog.com/    The blog is for people who feel they can get involved, or had an experience of sorts. Always worth a visit.


http://www.ceop.police.uk/        This one speaks for itself. Report any form of abuse whether it is physical or mental. and is full of  brilliant advice.
By visiting these sites there is a chance that some one unknowingly knows some thing. So it is a matter of just looking and returning another day for an update. If we cannot do anything at this time, at least we have tried.  I know it is easy for us and would never dream to imagine how people feel that have a missing child, and would never want it to happen to anyone. But as I have been doing this, I do know how I would react, or at least I think I know, and with a daughter I never ever want to experience either. so I would never preach but would like to help, if only in a small way.
A fellow blogger friend ( http://barefootbaroness.org/ )    of mine, who also doing a good job on this topic, based on the USA side, have decided on a project that will be brought to light some time shortly and really hope you all will support it
           Forever Caring

40 thoughts on “Will you Join Us?

  1. Reblogged this on Serendipity and commented:
    I will join! I don’t know what I’d found out that I could have taken part (even on such a small level as this) in helping to bring a missing child or person home and just didn’t do it. It would be awful. So, I’m joining with Gerry’s Space to reblog this post. In all of 1 minute, I have taken part in helping. You just never know what could come of this. Crazier things have happened and wouldn’t you want to be a link in the chain? I know I would! All it takes is 1 minute. 😀

    1. Thanks so much this train of ours is got to gather speed and is certainly doing so. Every little bit helps. I am quite overwhelmed with the response, but hopefully get even more…Again thanks, and always welcome, 😉

  2. Oh Yeah!! I so wanna join along!! Thanks for this Gerry. I will be RBLOGGING THIS over to my blog straight away too, the more, the merrier. And solutions may be found. Questions Answered.
    I’ve had a few takers REBLOG from my blog all ready and I think when the new project goes up we’ll find much interest, especially with specific tags being used.

    Thanks so much my giid buddy for the Shout out in this Fabulous and Brillant post. But I expect nothing different from you – always brillant, always fabulous. ~ BB

    1. Yeh My Lady have had a few for this one, and is going fairly well. Thank you just not enough but I hope you know that. We will make our little train into a large pulsating train with many carriages and hopefully fill them with missing kids and return them home.. 😉

  3. Reblogged this on Lady Barefoot Baroness and commented:
    ATTENTION Subbers & Devoted Readers: This is a very wonderful request that you do some missing children and adults a Grand favor. REBLOG THIS or My Own Post titled “Know These Rules Kids”
    We’ll be most grateful you did as would anyone missing a loved one in their lives.
    We’re all counting you ~ BB

  4. Hi Gerry, I’ve looked at the photos of missing people on the sites and didn’t recognise anyone, though they would have come a long way if I had seen them here. Nevertheless, I totally admire you for drawing attention to these people. You care. May all of this blogging bring back at least one of them.

    1. Thanks Trish, that is what we hope for, I do not know any kids on the site but the more people that see it the more chance of some one recognising something. This site covers USA, Oz and many others with their links. I just think what I would feel like if I was one of these parents…; Again thank you so much, for boarding our chugging train. 😉

    1. What a fabulous idea trishworth! Thanks so much for doing this and for the added idea I think it’s awesome that whole WP world is singing in perfect harmony about this ~ BB

    2. Thank for that, the more the better, my posts automatically go through to Facebook and Twitter, and with yours it make that circle even bigger. ‘Every little bit helps’ as I say.. Our chugging train is gathering motion. Thanks so much….

      1. I can cross my eyes quite impressively. My mom always told me one day they’d get stuck that way, but thankfully, she was wrong. 😆

    1. That is very good , with all these promotions it is only a good thing and the more eyes that fall on to it the better. Appreciate all the posting and help. We will find some one.. 😉

  5. I have also edited my post to include a link to your site, this post specifically. Our friends across the pond are absolutely part of the solution. Thanks for stopping by so I could find you and see this.

    1. Thanks Rhonda, and your posting are very impressive as well. It is the Baroness by reblogging put me your, hence a follow.. It with Baroness that we are setting up our own blog for this purpose only, covering both sides of the water and elsewhere.. A big thanks for including my blog on yours… As I keep saying. Our little train is chugging a little faster and gathering a few more carriages that hope we put some child in and return home.

      1. Well said and I’m happy to know this is on both sides of the pond. Look forward to getting to know you and you are welcome on my porch anytime!

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