New Blog, New Dream..New Hope.

28th July 2012 Saturday.

The Daily Gerald has again made a scoop that could change the lives of many.

There is now an incredibly important blog site, just launched yesterday. Strange that I say, coincides with the Olympics opening ceremony here in the UK, two big launches in one day,but this site will still be going when all the sports have finished for another four years. The name of this wonderful site is at the moment is ‘Find Us, Please” and is dedicated to the aid of missing children and adults. It is being set up and run by two pioneering and dedicated bloggers, whose passion joined them together to set this project in motion.

Both these bloggers have regularly posted on their blogs for Missing Kids and have had a great response to this movement, and both feel that by joining forces they can be more powerful and productive. If only one child or adult was found and returned home safely, then this site would have been well worth the while.  But it is only with your help, the bloggers of this cyber world that will make it fully deliver and show the real power of publicity and knowledge.

It does not matter whether you recognise any of the faces within these sites, at least you looked, but it is the re-blogging and re-posting that really matters, because what starts off as an acorn a great oak will grow, with branches spreading world-wide.  Who knows then, it might just catch someones attention who saw some one today, or yesterday.  So I say as writer from the Daily Gerald  please help with this project/movement and let’s get the train out of the station and start chugging and gather some carriages, they need carriages to carry the kids back home…

The news that comes through is although the title of this fabulous new Blog is called ‘Find Us, Please!  they do have several names, but would like to open it to all blogging friends to come up with a new title… the only thing to think about is that it has to be suitable for both sides of the great pond. even better National.

Please any suggestions please leave in comments or on the new blog site,

So, from all at the Daily Gerald we wish them luck and say a great big ‘Thank You’  Please support this wonderful movement.



15 thoughts on “New Blog, New Dream..New Hope.

  1. Dear Editor @ the Daily Gerald,
    Your posting today is fabulous, you have such an awesome way with word. There is a reason thatwe are partner’s in crime, or maybe in this case engineers in trains. 🙂 I’m a bit rummy from writing all night but dear editor know what a great service you have done and continue to do.
    It shall be interesting to see if the power of the people is still alive.

    Power To The People, Power To The People. Right On!

    Signed; The Rebel Rouser

    (Heart & gratitude to you my friend today~ BB)

    1. As always appreciated, tried to keep appealing and intriguing at the same time. hopefully people will take on the idea and put their clicks together. speak again my cyber pal….heehee! 🙂

    1. thank you Sandra,we will wait to see any further results. But your view is logged and recorded thanks for being a loyal supporter and friend…:)

    1. Hello Mae, that is the good thing about this it is world wide and every one can help. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.Always welcome.

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