‘Red Flag of Destruction’

July 31st 2012 Tuesday

Another top article by the Daily Gerald reporters……Red Flag of Destruction..(Loved and Forgotten)

The archives were searched and this song was found, and for your enjoyment have decided to post it on Gerry’s Space blog site. As the writing says it is very powerful song. Maybe not so relevant today, but meant a great deal in the 70’s


This is quite a powerful song, I did not realise how much until I decided to put it together and make a video out of it.  Because I cannot upload audio and video’s, the only way to do it was to upload to ‘You tube’.  Having  listened and manually writing the lyrics, it was brought home, ‘man these are powerful words’

My American friends of this era will probably be moved as well as us here in the UK, because we in distant way felt part of the movement going on. Everyone was, that is those into music and anti-war trend, CND in UK, we listened to Bob Dylan and Black Sabbath, James Taylor, one of my favourites, plus many other’s who wrote anti-war/ protest songs of some sort. Most top artists wrote something.

We, that is a few friends got together and went to London and recorded this as well as a couple more, the quality is not too good, original tape/record now in Seattle and my copies over the years showing wear. But I think one can still enjoy by allowing for a little nostalgia.




18 thoughts on “‘Red Flag of Destruction’

  1. I agree that the aged quality is something to keep. I enjoyed this music, especially the harmonica. And the guitar.

    1. Thank you Trish, as always enjoy your visit and comments. But mostly so glad you liked the song. Although we the small band of musicians that went to record this song could have done the harmonica the chap that actually did it came from Cambridge just to do that piece. 😉

  2. Wow, wow and wow, take me home…I am so touched that you posted this. It’s been on my mind alot the past era that so impacted who alot of are. I for one was forever changed by the time and the music. I’d love to have a copy of your lyrics.

    I love the vintage feel to the recording, and the audio being a bit fuzzy works so well with what the message STILL very much is today.
    I’m blown away~ BB

    1. Thanks BB, and get you a copy of the lyrics personally to you, but have got them on my Writing Hell blog awaiting in my draft. to be published as a follow on to this post….:) So, no, extremely happy you liked.;)

  3. Gerry, Great video and music. That mushroom cloud really got my attention. Is it in a form of a clown face? That cloud clown is a perfect commentary on the frequent absurdity of war. Great post. 🙂 And thanks for following the Tumblr blog. I’m still trying to figure out Tumblr. It’s a good platform for collecting quotes. 🙂

    1. Thank you Claudia, I thought the most powerful picture is the one with a gun pointed at anothers head that was part of a news bulletin. yeh Tumblr, I forgot I had it until a few days ago when I noticed posts appearing and not knowing where they come from. does not seem as versatile as wordpress. but always welcome and continue to be so. 😉

    1. Yeh Elizabeth, they certainly and guess what, I have just started a new Blog called CyKlopps Rides Again. and it all about this era, and am trying to get people involved in passing stories pictures of the hippie era or any thing that might be of interest, music, musicians, stories, poems etc any hting goes. just trying get a little commune of ex hippies heehee please check it out and feel free to give some feed back and please pass it on, I have a reblog on this site. at moment it is just a few notes, and am in the middle of starting us all off with Woodstock Festival 1969..;)

  4. It is a powerful, emotional video . The words and images just pierces the soul. May we all remember what war can do to the victims, to the survivors, heroes or enemies. War traumatized a lot of lives and to this day, war continues to do so. May we all join hands for it stop…to stop creating similar horrific images of death, destruction and pain. Great post.

    1. Thanks so much for your wonderful praise, and as I was putting it all together, the music was recorded back in the 70 something, but with pictures and continuous hearing, I began to realise how powerful it actually was. Also thanks for the Tweet promo as well. 😉

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