Come on every one send you ideas, suggestions… Don’t want it all to be mine..

Brocks Music Shed

1st August 2012

Yes this a site for Jamming and enjoying the laid back approach to music.

No matter your style every one is welcome. Just like the days of  the new movement everyone joined in, sat down on the grass, and if you had a guitar or an instrument, then every one just start playing.  Heads a bobbing and hair flicking side to side. Singing and chanting, in tune or not it did not matter.

So I am asking you all, leave all your woes outside and come in sit on our lawn, next to the river of crystal clear waters. The sun is shining brightly, there is wine for all to enjoy and just start playing and singing.

Your music my music every ones music..

Your lyrics, my lyrics everyone’s lyrics..

If you have a memory let us hear about it….

Generally it is an open house, so…

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  1. Great to find a gang where one can get together in a laid-back style and just make music. Wish there were more of the old-style ones. Classical musicians take themselves and their music FAR too seriously, as a rule.

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