Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Growth’

5th August 2012

Growth of Eloise……





Now we are all trying to assist in her decision of  college and future prospects of getting involved with Animal Welfare.






49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Growth’

      1. She’s trying expressing herself. I wish I tried more when I was that age, all I ever did was a nearly-not-visible red and short hair. Now I know I only feel comfortable with long hair, but I don’t dare to change my hair-color, even though I feel like change 😀

  1. What a fabulous tribute and collage of her changing through the years. She is absolutely beatuiful Gerry and looks like she has her own idea of who she is and where she is going. I so love that! Her eyes are so expressive and the hair color tickles me pink. Reminds me of my granddaughter. Changes every month?

    I know you are wise enough to cherish this time with her, I can tell by this beautiful piece of photo editing and story telling. She’s a blessed child.

    Now can you just send her to ME ~ LOL… ~ BB

    1. Thank you I will tell her she is gaining some fans, I did this because I thought it would make a good record…Thank you and please always welcome 😉

    1. Time is certainly running, and quickly. It is quite amazing how holidays show a childs growth.. but great memories as well. Thank you and you are very welcome enjoyed my visit….:)

  2. A lovely potted history! I hope the college and animal welfare dreams both come to fruition. Not a good ‘commercial’ line, alas, and at times most harrowing, but the job satisfaction is immense.

    1. Yes, she is checking all angles and is realising, but her ambitions are undeterred. So fingers crossed for her… Thanks so much for stopping by always welcome…:)

  3. Ah, this is so sweet. It must be amazing to watch someone grow up and now she is making decisions about her future. I wish all of you the best!!!!

  4. That’s an awesome entry, Gerry! She’s such a beautiful girl. I’m lovin’ the shades of purple in her hair! She’s definitely not afraid to express herself, is she? That’s super cool. Hallie is thinking of getting an aquamarine streak in her hair. She had a couple of slender feathers in her hair last year. I wasn’t real sure about it at first, but it actually looked pretty nice. Just trying new things. Just as long as they keep the “things” on an innocent, healthy level, I’m cool with it. 😉 I don’t like how fast they grow. You blink, they’re 2. You blink again, they’re 12. Where does the time go? Our girls are gonna go out into the world and do great, great things! *squish*

    1. Thank you Carol, yes this colouring is not really to my liking, but it done sensibly, I prefer her long blonde straight locks… old fashioned guy I suppose.. pop back again and welcome 😉

      1. I completely understand. I feel like if coloring the hair to be a little different is all Hallie does, no piercings, no tattoos, then I won’t complain. But yes, I prefer natural beauty, as well. I’m pretty old fashioned, myself.

  5. What a fun post–getting to watch your little girl grow up before my eyes. But then, my own kids seemed to grow up almost as fast. Next month my youngest leaves for college. I know you will treasure these precious moments all the more for their finite nature.

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