Do We Really Care? I Do.

9th August 2012

Bring Them Home.

A brand new site has been set up in the aid of missing children and adults.

It has a goal of returning a child or an adult back home. If they can fulfil this goal then it will be well worthwhile. But they will not be stopping there.

There will be discussions and points of views an hopefully getting people to come up with suggestions and possible offer a guest post. All will be related to the topic of missing’ kids and adults.

Making us aware of things that happens in life, and relying on constructive feed back.

So if you can Please Help. ‘The more eyes that view, the more we can do’

     The widget, the Yellow Rose emblem for this site. copy and paste it into your sidebar and link it to to the site with above link… Every one wins and will be very grateful for all your help,.

Pop over and check them out and give them a great big Helping Hand.

Just one click could do the trick…




4 thoughts on “Do We Really Care? I Do.

  1. Is it okay with you if I correct any typos? Tell me to piss off if you want but I am really behind your cause and want to help even if it’s just typos.

    1. Of course, and all help is and will be welcome…I believe the baroness is in the middle of sorting things…Thank you very much for your valued interest…

  2. A very worthwhile post for an incredible movement. I am behind the war of missing and exploited children & aults, I have jumped on the train and am chugging right along with all of you. Come on people, lets do this together!

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