Sitting on the Porch 2

10th August 2012.

Sub Titled – Loved and Forgotten.

Follow up from post of the same title.

Another top article by the  Daily Gerald1  reporters…Red Flag of Destruction..(Loved and Forgotten)

The archives were searched and this song was found, and for your enjoyment and in response to the post on Gerry’s Space of same title, but there it included a video with the song, so below are the actual lyrics.  As the writing shows it is very powerful song. Maybe not so relevant today, but meant a great deal in the 70’s


Red flag

Loved and forgotten she lived for a lie,

One day he’d come home and then she not cry.

She cried and cried as she counted the years,

And she finally laughed as she drowned in her tears.


Beneath the field of poppies her loved one lies dead.

The old man looked so harmless as…

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