Weekly photo Challenge ‘Wrong’

Friday 10th August 2012

Wrong? I Think So.. Definitely something wrong here..

Can you spot whats wrong with these, I think they just really good…

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33 thoughts on “Weekly photo Challenge ‘Wrong’

  1. I see several things wrong here, Gerry. First, your daughter has grown-up
    since these were taken. That means she is no longer a little girl but a young lady. Aahhh … they grow so fast. Second, you haven’t been to Disney World i n such a long time. It seems that little girl wants to go back and , maybe, you too, LOLOL
    Actually, the photos are fun and great. ~~~ : – )

    1. Thank you Isadora, she is a young lady as you say, she so enjoyed her character pictures, we had returned two more times after these, were taken. They just seem so apt..;)

  2. Next to darling photos of friends children the castle is my personal fave. However the photo with your daughte and Miss Minnie is darling in the sepia tone with minnie being in color. So cute.
    I love whatever the glowing light in the castle door is. Do you know?

    Fun mix this week Gerry. I enjoy your photgraphy so very much. ~ BB

  3. You are so welcome. I enjoyed this. That’s a great addition to the castle door. I have this great affinity for castles. There is something that draws me in. Perhaps in another life I lived and worked in the downstairs of one.

    Always such a pleasure ~ BB

  4. Love the color effects. Beautiful images from a beautiful and happy memory. I remember our Disney adventures, just like the joy on your daughters face, truly the happiest place on Earth.

  5. It is some where that magic really exists, as soon as My family walked through those gates, nothing else existed.. fairy dust was sprinkled. thank you so much and always welcome…;)

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