Sunday Post ‘Black and White’

August 19th 2012 Sunday

The Star of this Show….

 ………..My Mother

Pictures are of her at approximate ages 24. Circa 1940-44.

And if I may say so myself, ….

A very Attractive Woman, and she was way ahead of her time.

I am putting this post for her,  as Hollywood would in stone on the sidewalk/pavement.

A Permanent Epitaph for My Mother..







If you want join in with these wonderful challenges, then  please click the link and pop over to Jakes..



52 thoughts on “Sunday Post ‘Black and White’

  1. Love those pix from back in the day. My mom (and yours) look like movie stars. I think it was those hair dos. Great photos, Gerry. 🙂

  2. She was a beautiful Lady my friend, seeing much kindness in her face.
    I love the frames that you enveloped around her, nice and pretty floral is perfect for framing her photos. I’ve just finished a traditional scrapbook layout of a 5:x7″ photo of mmy mom, it’s her graducation photo from high school. Shew as all 18.
    Documenting our heritage I believe is really important. Thanks so much for sharing. Very Inspiring indeed. ~ BB

  3. Not going to embarrass my mum but – I have been buying some of the great Ealing Films recently. Train of Events, It always Rains on Sunday, The Long Arm.

    Anyone who believes that Ealing and Jack Warner means Dixon of Dock Green is missing some great narrative films and – in our current age – films that show society as it was 50 yrs ago.

    These are great photos Gerry – I’m just trying to offer some extra background 🙂

  4. Wonderful photos…thanks so much for sharing them with us. I think the B&W pics from those days were amazing…and showed more of the character of the person than the color photos of today. 🙂

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