23rd August 2012 Thursday    

John Lennon’s killer denied parole

                 for 7th time.

By Graham Winch
updated 1:01 PM EDT, Thu August 23, 2012
  • Mark David Chapman gunned down John Lennon in 1980
  • Yoko Ono asked board members to deny his request

Are the Beatles getting back together?

The man who killed John Lennon was denied parole for a seventh time Thursday.

Mark David Chapman went before the New York State Board of Parole Wednesday.

He is currently serving a sentence of 20 years-to-life for a conviction of second-degree murder for gunning down the famous Beatles musician on December 8, 1980.

The 57-year-old was last considered for parole in 2010 but was denied because his “discretionary release remains inappropriate at this time and incompatible with the welfare of the community,” according to the parole board.

He was also denied parole in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008.

Chapman’s next scheduled appearance before the board will be in August 2014.

CNN reports that Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, reiterated her position to the board that his parole be denied before his latest hearing.

‘Bloody Good Job’. 



36 thoughts on “

  1. What’s the point of having sentences placed on criminals if eventaully the parole boards are going to let them go free? I say, lock him up and lose the key. He should have been sentenced to more. A great humanitarian, singer, father, husband – John Lennon – lost his life. Why should this criminal be given any comsideration of compassion.
    Just sounding off ….

  2. Did any of y’all happen to see that special on tv a few years back where they told this a-hole’s story? It was called “The Man Who Killed John Lennon” And they interviewed him and everything. He’s not well. Never has been. Scary the way some minds are. >_<

    1. he may well be ill, but I personally do not think that justifies his crime. If he is still ill then why let him out do it again to some other person…;) thank you ans always welcome…;0

      1. Oh, I don’t think anything justifies killing another person outside of self defense of one’s own life. (when I typed my original comment I remembered typing the word “But I have no sympathy”
        See, what sleep deprivation does to the communication skills? >_<
        Seriously, a monster is a freakin monster. Period.
        I'm a bit of a hippie, so this post just really caught my eye.
        Are you a hippie or kind of a hippie, too? ^_^

      2. I mean, I read your about you section and you sound like you could fit the description of a hippie or a kind of hippie. But I refuse to judge or make assumptions about who people are. I believe a label isn’t a label unless someone else tries to put it on you.

      3. Well i agree about tags, but yes I was around in the days and am quite happy being labeled a hippie, After all it is me that labeled myself in these posts,, if you like what you see and are into hippies stuff, check out my Cyklopps Rides Again’ blog on http://geetoni.wordpress.com/ and if you want to participate and include a story, any era really but mostly for this era. Please feel free and join the fun.. a couple have joined in and a couple are in draft. Look forward to seeing you over at CyKlopps, by the way it is the name of a band I used to play in, hence title.

  3. I wish that Norway gave their criminals real prison terms as well. In Norway they get a pat on the back and a free stay in luxury prisons with plenty of vacations were they can meet friends and family.

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