Double Fantasy Challenges!!!

Sunday 26th August 2012..

Two Challenges in One! Double Fantasy!

Well my dear blogging friends I have decided to cheat once again. But then again you would not expect anything less.                I have decide to combine two challenges, that of Weekly Photo challenge ‘Urban’ and ……..                                                                                       Jakes challenge of ‘From a Distance’

The pictures below are of Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower.



                                            Urban pictures from a Distance


The arrow points it out, from a distance in the Urban city area.
If you want join in this then click the link and follow Jakes instructions Simple….




34 thoughts on “Double Fantasy Challenges!!!

  1. Love the contrast between nearer and farther. Fabulous photpgraphy and the views from atop must be to die for. Viewing of 350 degree’s pretty amazing feat at her height,

    Nice job on cheating. Works really well I’d say.

  2. I took a few moments to realise that the thing in the first photo is the thing your arrow points to in the others. That’s an amazing tower. What is its purpose? By the way, I love how you’ve done this challenge.

    1. Thank you Trish so appreciate it.. It was originally for the millennium, but it was about 7 years late. It was built on reclaimed land as well..Thanks again Trish and welcome ;;)

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