Sunday Post ‘Reflection’

2nd September 2012 Sunday

Reflection and Free Spirit

These are pictures of the Blue Pool, Nr Wareham, Dorset. UK



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42 thoughts on “Sunday Post ‘Reflection’

  1. These are so beautiful, Gerry. Dorset really is one of the prettiest places in England, isn’t it? Great job using these for both themes. Sitting and looking at that pool and those gorgeous trees would give anyone a free spirit.

    1. Thank you Sandra, and yes it so serene and peaceful. A writer could sit here and produce some fabulous words…and at times the pool can look a real powder blue… Sandra thank you, always welcome.. 😉

  2. These photos look like they could have been taken in Virginia. Mother Nature has an eye for beauty, and evidently, you have an eye for capturing it, GERRY … I thought I was spelling your name wrong. You should have said something. Sorry about that. 😉

    1. They are more impressive with a high sunshine.. and not to worry about spelling, many people spell it different I do not worry about it… so no problem Marcy.. thanks and welcome

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