9/11 remembered…

11th September 2012

9/11 A very sad day in American History,

My little piece of remembrance for the saddest day in

American history, world peace. I feel so sad on this Memorial day for all

the people who lost their lives in this tragedy, and for those emergency

services trying to save others and losing their own lives.

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Hero’s they are All!

This last evening 10th September BBC broadcast a remembrance program and all in good taste and followed the story of an employee in the North tower, and a Fire service Department Employee. We can only live in awe of these people, Bravery is too small a word to recognise these people, these Hero’s. Us here in the UK had a smaller attack but just the same sad day. And it is here where Hero’s are born..

This my Honour to their MEMORY..     

23 thoughts on “9/11 remembered…

  1. I also have very poignant memories of that dreadful day, knowing that our son was working in the city, but not being able to contact one another for many hours. The feeling of relief I felt when his sms came through that evening, was immense.

  2. One must also feel desperately sorry for the poor misled souls who thought their act in causing such wanton destruction and misery was a fine and noble thing to do, and anger at any ’cause’, religious or otherwise, that creates such delusion.

  3. God Speed to those we lost and with deepest prayers we think of the survivors and families today. The Universe embraces Our America Today.

    Thank you Gerry a beautiful and thoughtful tribute.

    You have such a caring heart, so proud to be your friend ~ BB

  4. Thanks for this Gerry. I too remember exactly where I was when I heard the unbelievable and horrific news. Having visited NYC some ten years previously, and many of my photos from the trip had the WTC towers in them. They were just so prominent. it was hard to fathom that something like this could be happening – not just to the city, but to the lives of so many people.

    1. Even here in the UK the twin towers were a prominent feature, and I can only imagine what you guys must have felt. I know how I felt when I saw it, and that was bad. My heart felt feelings to you and all. 😉

  5. Hi Gerry – sorry to contact you via comments but my link from WP to FB isn’t working and I need help. I thought I’d ask you first before contacting the WP Happiness engineers. Not sure if you still have editorial rights to my blog but if so that should work. I want to be able to put Bring them Home onto my FB page but so far no luck. Julie

    1. Thank you very much, although it is not a big thing but is my little way of honouring your guys and families and country.. I can emembe he day and it was so traumatic, thank you for comment also the tweet, appreciate you support ..;;)

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