Jakes ‘Autumn and WP’s ‘Everyday Life’

16th September 2012

Jakes ‘Autumn and WP’s ‘Everyday Life’

Click on Pictures for a larger view…


Jakes ‘Autumn ,,   Click link to join in the fun..






WP’s ‘Everyday Life’… Click link to join in the fun..






35 thoughts on “Jakes ‘Autumn and WP’s ‘Everyday Life’

  1. Wonderful photos for both challenges. A great idea combinding the two. I must remember when I get behind again. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Really love the way the sunlight is making it’s successful attempts to peak through the limbs of the trees. Just love the trees period. I am quite fascinated with something that thrives to reach the depths of the earth, and the height of the skies at the same time..

    Your village is so charming I think it beckons to anyone…

    Great Post Gerry ~

      1. That is me My Lady, a dreamy kind of guy, and some images for the imagination… You would love the place in the forest… thank you 😉

  3. Really nice, Gerry. And perfect for the challenges. I LOVE that tree.

    By the way, I am making this comment from one of my new blogs on blogspot.com. It’s an experiment. I can control the font sizes and layout much better over here, and my posts come out looking better without hours of trying to force the site to accept a copied and pasted article. I may eventually transfer most of my posts over here, although I won’t delete my WP sites. (Just didn’t want to confuse you with the new blog title.)

    1. Thank you SAndra, will check it out, i do have a Blogger site as well. my concern with it was the commenting etc someone had to keep entering all those verification numbers etc… but my site Gerry’s Jaunts, have not been used a lot lately.
      I use windows live writer and link it to my WP sites and on here you can do more or less what you like and then put it onto WP.. Any way Sandra thank you and will check yours ,,:)

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