Challenges-Solitary and People.

23rd September 20112


Solitary by Daily Post @ WordPress

People – by Jakesprinters…


Once again I have taken to joining the two challenges, sometimes I think this is a little harder and make the

Challenges more exciting. This particular picture I think sums up both challenges in one….slightly light hearted view on the take of of both themes.


41 thoughts on “Challenges-Solitary and People.

  1. This is neat, Gerry. It definitely fits the theme of “solitary,” and it is a unique take on the theme “people.” It’s amazing to me that there were any people out there at all.

    1. Thank you Sandra, I thought it was pretty clever myself, but those people were hikers and they had passed me a little earlier, thank yo u very much for stopping by and commenting, you are always welcome and appreciated, thankyou..;)

  2. thanks for pointing out the people 🙂 i guess you are the solitary figure in this image, albeit behind the lens, being so far away as you capture this moment. thanks for sharing!

      1. Yes, it is a shame. I feel like we just got a chance at stardom and our show got cancelled!

        Maybe after a break, James will reignite the Dark Globe. It is such a great site. Oh well. At least we got a chance to meet each other… 🙂

      2. yes I wasactually looking forward to getting into this new venture, I thought we could still do posts cos I have on my Cyklopps site, but it matters not whether I am doing anything.. but still fingers crossed.. check it out and see if you got any stories….

  3. A great challenge indeed. The fusion of people in a solitary setting created an impressive scene. It kind of reminds me of life in the rural areas in my hometown. Most of the time, the next neightbow is miles away!

    1. That is me Isadora, full of surprises,,, just trying to be different and exciting… Thank you so much Isadora for stopping by and commenting, alway apprecite your comments thank you 😉

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