Sunday Post ‘Favourite Spot’

Sunday 30th September 2012

‘Favourite Spot’ by Jake….

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Because we only have one challenge  this week so far, I have to be a normal person this week… Sad Am I not…

The above is a village bridge from my past, where I and friends would gather and play guitars together. And it was here that I informed of my fathers death. Just like yesterday this memory is with me and below is the church of their resting place..

Above is the sister to the above bridge, the same same river/stream but a mile further down and at the end of the road  of which I used to live.                      Again on a nice Summer evening we would gather and enjoy a guitar session.   Still visit it..

Above is the hill, nearby to my birth village, whilst young child spent many evening here with the village activities. and especially remeber a couple of bonfire nights and enjoying some gooey toffee apples and sparklers..

The above church is where my parents are buried and it is here I like to visit and sit in the peace and just relax and imagine, and just enjoy the solitude.



42 thoughts on “Sunday Post ‘Favourite Spot’

  1. The bridges strike a certain chord in my heart and somehow in my own memory. Like a dream. The photos are perfect. Tender memories in such lovely beauty is where they belong.

    The church is just what I would expect it to be in your charming village, just like the energy of the other images this one too holds tender memories and feelings. I can easily relate so i thank you for sharing such personal feelings and thoughts.

    Great Sunday post my good friend ~

    1. Hey Lorna, yes the bridges have a few stories, and glad to mostly happy ones, one day if I remember I could a post on one or two…Always welcome and honoured…;)

  2. Oh, Gerry, these are great photos. I always love to see people playing guitars in random places, not busking, just playing for the joy of it. I can imagine you all on the bridge.

    1. Yes, can you imagine two three or four of us sitting on the bannisters and just playing and enjoying the sounds,, moments to treasure, Trish, and I love your comment thank you, always welcome…;)

  3. These are great photos, Gerry. I love the bridges. I always have loved bridges. But I have to ask you — the church looks as if it actually goes uphill to the left. Has it really been built on a slant, or is it just the angle of the photo?

    1. Hey Sandra, yes the church is on top of a small hill and yes it is at a slight angle, more noticeable inside. Such a beautiful little building, and 1000 years old still looking good.. My old home there are several bridges but these two are important parts of my past and fav’e spots… Thank you so much Sandra for your comments and always welcome…;)

  4. The village in the first picture reminds me of a place we visited in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I know you must have many wonderful, sad and bittersweet memories from your childhood village. Strange how traumatic memories can come to the front of our minds like it was just yesterday. Love bridges. That’s a cool shot of the trees at the top of the hill. I am lovin’ that beautiful old church! That, indeed, speaks volumes. I just LOVE old buildings, especially churches. Do you know when that church was built? Your shots are awesome, as usual. *squish* 😉

    1. Yes Carol thanks for stopping by, it is a great pleasure to see you visiting..I really do love your comments and in answer to you question, the church is over a thousand years old, it was but in 950 approx. inside it very special plain, but quite impressive for its age…

      1. Sorry my posting button early.. this my parents graveyard, and my place of solace…Once agin ‘squidge’ very nicce to see you again… may all your ventures come to fruition..

      2. Sorry I’m been slacking in visiting lately. I have got to make more time for this. Wow, the age just makes me love this church more. Such history and beauty. Back when architects knew what they were doing and they put such care into their craftsmanship. Very impressive, indeed.

    1. That would be fine by me Izzy, thank you,yes a group called Bread did one and Elvis as well. So you are right…Love your visit and comments as always welcome..;)

    1. The church is over a 1000 years old,, watch this space cos I am about to do a post about the bridge ans couple of short stories me and a friend did way back in your visits thank you.. 😉

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