Sitting on the Porch 2

Monday 29th October 2012

Share Your World – Week 44…

Questions and Answers

1. What are you wearing right now?

Answer. Faded Levi and worn blue jeans and a grey colored light pullover.

2. What color or colors looks best on you?

Answer. Usually blue, but have yellow T shirts and been told these look good. I am not so sure.

3. Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you best and why? (Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey)

Answer.    The Doc was unusually Grumpy today, he was normally a Happy person. But it was understandable because he was feeling very Sneezy due to his cold. This was causing him to feel very Sleepy and tired. When the Lady came to see him, she smiled broadly at him and he just gave a Bashful look, and said My lady..

4. In a car would you rather drive or…

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Friday 26th October 2012

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign..

I had been waiting for Jakes challenge but have not received one this week. I hope he well and just away on a break of sorts.

So peoplezzzz have decided to post a few pictures of a place I cannot remember where exactly. But I have no doubt you intelligent lot will be able to tell me. If you are able to let me know then please be kind, I am sure these places are famous of sorts.

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Porch Sitting

Tuesday 23rd October 2012  

This is a picture of a rocking chair sent to me from a very good blogging friend. I find this topic very fascinating and she has sent me a couple of pictures for me to use in this post. This lady has become a very close friend. I thank her greatly for these wonderful pictures that she has allowed me to use..

Porch Sitting….

Porch sitting, i.e., sitting on a front porch or stoop, usually of a private residence is a leisure activity which can be a direct or indirect form of social interaction. While engaged in “porch sitting”, people may “cat call” or talk to and comment on those passing by. This activity is a staple of most urban areas in the United States, and helps contribute to a lively atmosphere, for those sitting and also those passing by. This activity is most common during good weather, especially on warm summer nights and weekends.

Porch sitting was once considered to be a status symbol.

As well as being a good way to connect with neighbors, it also is an important form of community security, helping to prevent crime. Front porches were originally mandated in the planned community of Seaside, Florida as a way to reduce air conditioning usage. Its planners then perceived an enhanced sense of community and front porches subsequently became an important element in the New Urbanism movement. During the summer of 2006, All Things Considered broadcast a series of stories dedicated to the role of the front porch in US life and literature.

There are now thousands of porch sitters unions in all 50 states in the United States of America and at least three other countries.



Though Benjamin Franklin is thought to be the inventor of the rocking chair there is no historical evidence of this. Historians can only trace the rocking chair’s origins to North America during the early 18th century. They were originally used in gardens and were just ordinary chairs with two rockers at their bottoms. It was in 1725 that early rocking chairs first appeared in England. The production of wicker rocking chairs reached its peak in America during the middle of the 18th century. These wicker rockers, as they were popularly known, were famous for their craftsmanship and creative designs.


Above is another couple of special photographs that my great blogging friend sent me of her porch rocking chairs..They are perfect for this post..

My Want…..  Many years ago way back when, I do not like thinking of it, I had watched films and musicals and old blues artists playing their guitars. We can always see a rocking chair on a porch in the background or as part of the main scene. The black blues musician sitting and rocking and a playing his blues, and Gene Kelly dancing around one, and not to forget ‘The Walton’s’. It has always been a wonder or curiosity of mine, but now my  little bubble has burst and here we are… 

The American icon, no it is not a famous film star, it is not Oprah Winfrey or Dave Letterman.. Yes you guessed it, it is the ‘Porch Rocking Chair..’

After talking at great lengths with my friend I have made it a goal, yes a personal goal, I really want to and intend to sometime to come to America and be part of this American icon and sit in one and play my guitar and apart from singing my own song, I will be rocking gently playing Johnny Cash –I’m Gonna Sit on the Porch and Pick on My Old Guitar. This my ultimate dream and want..I also know which porch to christen my dream..As well as to say while doing this it has become quite emotional for I really do hope ye’all enjoy this post as much as I have in compiling it….

And a very big Thank You to my great friend, and would like to dedicate this post to her….

Famous Rocking Chair

President John F. Kennedy made the P&P Chair Company rocker famous. The President was prescribed swimming and use of a rocking chair by his physician in 1955 because the President suffered from lingering back problems. The president so enjoyed his rocker he brought it on Air Force One when he traveled around the country and the world. He bought additional rockers for Camp David and the Kennedy estates, and gave them as gifts to friends and heads of state. The Kennedy Rocking Chair is shaped, stem-bent and assembled while green according to the original design.                                                                                       Some info gained courtesy of Wikipedia.

          My New Dream….

Silhouette in the City.

20 October 2012 Saturday

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette



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Once again dear ole Gerry has cheated,,, and is enjoying it…

I hope y’all do so as much as I have in compiling this post and finding some pictures for it…




Big, (boys) Toys..

Sunday 14th October 2012..

Big (boys) Toys.

Another Combination of Two Challenges.

Hey, attention all you wonderful lady followers of mine, can I take this moment to apologise to you all. This post seems to be more favoured towards the tastes of men. However ladies if you do like this slideshow of mine then  this will really make my day, make my week..

These pictures were taken at a Custom Car show in August this year, in the New Forest, England. This day was a very hot day, unusual for us English to be able to say this. But true it was, I even got a touch of sunburn during my wandering around the ground. There were many more than what I am showing, but did not want to over kill. So because of this I have only inserted seven very good examples of Big (boys) Toys..

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

If any of you wonderful people want to join in with the fun then click the relevant links and follow the instructions that are visible. Both these exciting challenges are weekly and open to any that wish to join in..Good luck and have fun..