How, Could They?

Friday 12th October 2012

How Could My Country Be So Blind?

Me Letting off Steam !!!!!!!!!

We here in the UK have had the news of Jimmy Saville and his predatory ways. It is beyond me and my thinking as to how this guy was getting away with all this for so many years. His position in society was giving him all the opportunity to commit these alleged crimes. The sickening thing about this is that authorities had their suspicions, but had no proof. My question,,why did they not look for proof, investigate to prove one way or the other. No, instead they let it go and praised and honoured a man who was laughing at the authorities, and continued in with his offending, and allowed to ruin many more lives.

I cannot understand how we live in a fabulous modern country, and things like this is allowed to happen. But why now when he is dead, why not when he was alive and he could have faced his victims and paid for his crimes.

Police have said they believe Saville was a ‘predatory sex offender’ who could have abused up to 30 victims over a period of more than 40 years beginning in 1959

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I am refusing to put his picture on my post because this man repulses me. I never liked him much in his day as a DJ and presenter. And now with all these allegations, it has proved my point. The police are now looking into over 300 allegations and lines of investigation.

I am disgusted to have to be part of this and the era he was in..





22 thoughts on “How, Could They?

    1. Why francine thank you, yes getting so much on the news now it is making my blood boil and why? thank you for stopping by and commenting love it..welcome..xx

  1. I understand completely, Gerry. I see so much insanity that goes on in our country while people just ignore it and go on about their lives. I have even looked back into previous years of my life and wondered — now — if a couple friends were going through some horrific situations while none of us knew — mainly because no one would talk openly about those things back then.

    1. Thank you for your comment Sandra, and the thing I cannot get my head around is that people had the suspicions and knew about it and he was still allowed to offend others…appreciated and so welcome Sandra.. 😉

  2. So often it seems like the “justice” systems protects the rights of the alleged criminals more than the rights of the obvious victims. It’s upside down. Don’t know about where you are, but over here in the U.S., our “justice” system works fine for those with money and power. Everyone one else is sunk.

    1. I have no dobt it is similar here,, it is those with deep pockets,, but with this it seems personality won on this space, i am sure more is to come of this…thank you Lorna always welcome…;)

  3. Its always so hard when its some we believed in first. I am appalled people looked the other way. Very similar to the football coach Sandusky here in the states. People looked the other way becaise of who he was.

    So wrong!

    Great post my kind Sir

    1. Yes I can remember that story of yours,,,I am just gutted that he could have been stopped years ago, he could have been punished while he was lady thanks welcome..;)

  4. Something is not right when creatures like him go their merry way unchecked, but other people suffer disproportionate punishments for terrible crimes like loading or putting out their bins incorrectly. Or having veggies in the front garden.

    1. On the News today they said he was questioned etc back in 70’s something, but still allowed..blood boils.. thanks Elizabeth,, for popping ind commenting lovely..;)

  5. Letting his escape his crime againts the helpless victims in unforgivable not just for him but for those who had the power to do something but did not. My friend, their conscience if they have one will haunt to their graves and as for the predator…I bet hell gave him a toast of his crimes.

    1. Yes you are so right on this and it really makes my blood boil,, it was said yesterday that this man could have been stopped back in the seventies if complaints were followed up..even worse to think this..Hey friend love to read your comments and appreciate your visits.. 😉

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