Big, (boys) Toys..

Sunday 14th October 2012..

Big (boys) Toys.

Another Combination of Two Challenges.

Hey, attention all you wonderful lady followers of mine, can I take this moment to apologise to you all. This post seems to be more favoured towards the tastes of men. However ladies if you do like this slideshow of mine then  this will really make my day, make my week..

These pictures were taken at a Custom Car show in August this year, in the New Forest, England. This day was a very hot day, unusual for us English to be able to say this. But true it was, I even got a touch of sunburn during my wandering around the ground. There were many more than what I am showing, but did not want to over kill. So because of this I have only inserted seven very good examples of Big (boys) Toys..

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

If any of you wonderful people want to join in with the fun then click the relevant links and follow the instructions that are visible. Both these exciting challenges are weekly and open to any that wish to join in..Good luck and have fun..




51 thoughts on “Big, (boys) Toys..

    1. I hope it can give a little joy,, thank you Jules for stopping by and commenting.. I can only enjoy looking, no good at the building..Welcome..;)

  1. Love classic cars. This lady so not offended. Am partial to American brand muscle cars of the 60’s, Read; 1967 GTO ~

    Or, a1955 classic chevy baby blue please…

    Great post my friend~ I rather liked it.

  2. Um.

    1) I posted some pix of classic cars in Spain in my village back in March

    2) I seem to spend my internet life fighting sexism and pointing out that I am not a lady. I am not Lady Roughseas. I have written a blog post mentioning it ..

    3) I also have a Land Rover blog. One of my blog pals has just written about changing her brake/tail/stop light.

    Seriously, I spend a lot of time trying to fight against stereotypical attitudes about what women like and what men like etc. And mostly, the people who comment on my LR blog are women.

    Anyway, an interesting slideshow, although I didn’t know enough to identify each vehicle. I did find a Ford! But this non-car-interested woman would appreciate a bit more info next time 🙂 And great piccies, I even made my partner look at them too 😀

    1. I am sorry about this, will provide details in future for you..I do have many others, glad I did not put more on,, heehaa!! I do agree with you abut the sexism side,, and on behalf of me this was just a lighthearted gesture and not seriously most of my followers are ladies..I had wondered if someone would say something,, and roughseas I was right.. Just in case you were serious it was not meant to offend, I am not sexist in any form,, if you are not a lady what may I know you to be..heehee, I dont think you are a sir..Always appreciated Roughseas,,,

    1. So glad you like, this is the first big one I have been to for a long while and was very good, i have many more photo’s but did not want to do too many..Welcome and thanks..;)

  3. I think you should buy the red one with ‘Geelongs pictures and prints’ already written on the side… How good would that be for your business!

  4. Great work Gerry before I created the theme toys ,it is toys for the big boys which is complicated on my past theme vehicle, I really love your post my friend 🙂

  5. Oh, women can enjoy big old cars. Haven’t you seen women draped over them in those naught calendars that hang in many garages? 😉 Or are those more sports cars? I try not to look…

    1. Yey Lorna, thank you for your comment, and yes I have my knuckles rapped again, even though my words were only in jest and not serious, but will remember next time if there is a next time.even though being a man I must admit I agree with you still, about calendars and garages.. love your visit and comments, always welcome and appreciated..thank you.;)

    1. There were a lot more and some just fab and for sale. but as you say they were expensive.. I like to admire as well..thanks you for visiting and commenting love to read them..;)

    1. Yes i am quickly learning this,,my knuckles have been firmly rapped again. They are becoming very comment,,because this my favourite too.. thank you for stopping by and commenting ,, welcome..;)

    1. Hi yes they were great, and there were many others. It was in Lymington looking out over the water, the ferry Pyle Well House..I assume you know of it.. very beautiful part.. Appreciate your visit and comments..Thank you:)

      1. I know it well. When visiting the daughter living in Romsey, we motor or cycle all over that area.

    1. No it seems not,, my knuckles are very sore now from all the rapping across them this post has caused me heehee! Well there was few for sale, so if you got about £17500 might have bought you one…..Thank you very much,, welcome 😉

  6. These are real beauties. You photos are terrific. My neighbors restores old old car. He has a huge four car garage to do it in; even the old fashioned upolstery machines for the deat covers. They are masterpieces when they are done. He displas them in car shows and wins many prizes and has lots of sales. Old is never out of style when it comes to cars. Cool entry….

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