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Sunday 28th October 2012

NANOWRIMO …Not such an exciting post this week, but  an informative one..

Well this year I will be giving it another go, Last year I participated and was a winner, if any of you follow me on Gerry’s Space or Writing Hell you might have noticed my badges.

Last year I did a story, fantasy story, new world, funny creatures, both cute and cuddly and deadly. Wizards and King and Queen. And of course the normal family, Mother and Father with their young daughter, and not to forget their fabulous pet dog.

In our world they are just a normal family, but once they travel the tunnel of time to another parallel world, a world of magic and strange creatures and beings. Elves, Dwarf’s, and a whole host of imaginary beings. As I said, even though I was a winner and completed the required 50000 words, I…

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