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Brocks Music Shed

16th November 2012

My Notes…Enjoy please…

PS. roughseas if you want a copy of this song or vid i can pass it to you.

Hey roughseas you ask me for this song and I was not going to let it beat me. I managed to find the song, but not a video, so to get over this I managed to find a place that allowed me to download it, and then to enable me to put it on my site I made themusic into a video and uploaded it to You Tube and then do the normal thing to get it onto my CyKlopps site. Roughseas I really hope you enjoy this song and of course the simple pictures into video. This song comes off the Album called ‘Mighty Garvey’   The song I use is from BBC pick of the pops.     Thank you roughseas enjoyed this…

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    1. On my other site CyKlopps we ask for requests, if you follow the link of reblog and there is a post as well as info on the site, elizabeth pop over and join in…:)

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