Nanowrimo ‘Winner’

30th November 2012 Friday

My saying for the week. ‘Two hearts, Two souls, One Love’


The Editor has asked me to interview the said Gerry about his project, and NANOWRIMO story. He is one of the few million people world-wide that has participated in this writing fest. Not all managed to write 50,000 words in 30 days. But a large percentage are successful.  Gerry also participated last year, and was a winner then. So I caught up with him and asked him a few questions. So peeplezzz please read on and find how this mysterious man completed his project.


Question 1. Please describe what made your choice of story and why you  decide to join in again?

Gerry Answered -When I first started out on this project this year, I fully intended to continue with last years story. A story of fantasy, elves, dwarves, kings and queens and wizards. And of course the human family. But it would have meant a lot of prep work, you know the drill, read through all my work catch up on the lines and then try to continue from where I left off last year.

But then a week before it started I was in two minds as to even bother doing it. But a good friend of mine persuaded me to go for it. It was then I decided to do a completely different story. A Romance story. I had some notes and prep already, but not what I thought was enough for this project. Again talking to my very good friend I decided to give it a go.                            Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained’

Question 2. Did you ever get to a point of giving up, or writers block.

Gerry Answered – There was a couple of moments, but not so much as struggling for words, or the which way to take the story line, it was more of an emotional trip. Some of the scene I painted with my words, started to feel very real, almost part of me, and it affected me so.

Question 3. What did you do to get over this, if you did not intend stopping the story.

Gerry Answered – I never had any intention of giving up on this story, it started to mean so much to me. Resembling a moment in my life from many years ago.  But because of the emotions I would take a break for an hour or two, and sometimes for the rest of the day. I would talk to my friend, and we would banter all the good things and I would then carry on. I wanted and needed to finish. The NANO was actually secondary.

Question 4. Was the word count ever a problem to reach.

Gerry Answered – No the word count was never a problem, I fully intended and was trying to reach it, but the main goal was the story. I had never felt so strongly about a story that I have written. Because of my bonding to this romantic story I had to finish it.

Final question Gerry. We assume that you finished, so is there any one or any thing you would like to say or thank, jus any words to finish with.

Gerry Answered – Hey guys, yes, I have been successful for the second year running.  And I cannot express how happy and pleased I am for achieving this. I validated my novel yesterday with a total word count of 51250. But the impressive thing about this years I actually started and wrote a complete new story from scratch. there is one person that I can thank very much for the support for which I given and the encouragement. That person knows who they are, So thank you very, very much. Yes I finished it and at the end I wrote in big letters. I have only been able to write these words once before.                                                                                                                                  ‘THE END’

So there you have it, my report on Gerry’s winning participation in this years NANOWRIMO 2012. So people until the next big Scoop, watch this space for new things and changes to happen in the near future.




47 thoughts on “Nanowrimo ‘Winner’

  1. Well done My Kind Sir!
    Such a great accomplishment from nothing to complete n 30 days? fabulous! I will buy your first autographed copy, but it has to be autographed!

    You deserve to feel proud and quite happy,- hope you are celebrating wonderful you as well as your story~

  2. Way to go! I could maybe babble for 50,000 words, since I often do for 500 – oh but 500 x 30 days would only be 15,000. Oh dear. In any case, I could not do what you have done, write a real story with a real plot and real characters. I admire people like you who can do this, congratulations!

    1. It works out at approx 1600 words + a day, this was easy as it sounds but not so when trying, but my story did write itself and me being disciplined actually managed the word count and to finish the story. Sequel to follow. it just needs editing, thank you Carol..welcome.:)

    1. thank you so much, yes the story does take the credit, I just hope it will read as it felt in writing. I am quite proud and pleased and would wonder on others views..;) thank you..

  3. Well done, my brother! I am sooooo proud of you and proud for you. You did it! You are a winner in my book, even before having won this accomplishment, and what an accomplishment it is! Great interview, by the way. *squish* 😉

  4. Congratulations Gerry. I greatly apologize that I didn’t get to follow your story. Much high regards to your diligence, hard work, creativity and talent in writing. Kudos Gerry. And more power to you.

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