Christmas’ Past! 1952-56

Sunday 9th December 2012

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My little bit of Christmas to you all..






CyKlopps req


Thank you, and watch this space for more Xmas cheer to follow


23 thoughts on “Christmas’ Past! 1952-56

  1. Taking me to other Christmas’ of childhood days, Thank You My Kindest Santa… ahem.. Sir.

    I had heard of Silent Night being a poem written by a minister, but never knew the entire story. I love that the melody was first played on the guitar as it sounds best even today. An all time favorite because of the lyrics, and the harmony of course.

    I could write a comment (a novel) on each video but will not.Instead just say that each one holds an old fond memory and now a new ones to go with.

    Thank you & Very Merry Christmas Gerry!! I like your style.

  2. Great old videos and memories. . Just last week I went searching for a candelabra in some area stores. When I mentioned the word candelabra to the very very young clerk, she just looked at me and had no clue what I was referring to! So I said “You know, like the one Liberace had on his piano” Well of course, that was even MORE foreign to her! Anyway I found a couple at Hobby Lobby, but they look more like they came from The Addams Family than from Liberace!
    This post gave me many moments of enjoyment! Thanks.

    1. Hey this is a fab story, and thanks for the tell, but it shows the difference in generations. It pleases me so much knowing that you really enjoyed these, watch this space for more to come. Thank you for both your story and visiting always so welcome and honoured. 😉

  3. Gerry, these are terrific. I especially liked the Liberace video. He was always one of my favorites when I was a kid. And years later, I worked in music with a good friend of mine — who owned a Baldwin piano and organ business and had met Liberace and spent some time with him when he came through and autographed a huge Baldwin grand piano. Years later, a young pianist from my hometown ended up receiving that autographed grand as a gift, and the picture of Liberace at the signing still hangs on the wall of the store. Thanks so much for posting these wonderful videos.

    1. It seems the candlelabra, and Liberace is a very popular artist. And your story is great to read as well Sandra. I do really enjoy your visits and comments, always welcome and honored thank you so much,;)

  4. Hey, Gerry, I’ve always put the links to videos on my sites, but I like what you’ve done — putting the video right on here. How do I get that to work for my Christmas site? Is it the button that says “embed into post” ?

    1. Thank you Sandra,, yes well you know when you copy and paste from you tube, if it does not from there, two things, try the embed, copy and paste. if this does not work, what else you could try, copy and paste the main link in share on youtube, then paste it into your blog, then highlight it, and in your menu bar you will see a chainlink icon, click this, and another window opens, in the panel paste your utube link in the required line, and tick the box to open in a new window. close this and you should see your link now become live. to check it, click your preview and see if it appears…
      I hope this understanding and works for you good luck and merry xmas to you and all your family..

      1. Thanks. Gerry. I’ve never tried anything but pasting the address from the address bar and making that a link, but I like the idea of seeing the actual video screen right there on the site. I’ll try this stuff.

        I surely hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas too.

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