Christmas’ Past! 1957-62

11th December 2012 Tuesday…

mt bachelor_oio 2011

My little bit of Christmas to you all..

1957  The Queens Message






Had to add this one as well, because of the Hoover already seen, this one was also shown in the UK, and my mother actually went and bought a Twin Tub washing machine,,

Enjoy0.jpg   MERRY XMAS…

CyKlopps req

17 thoughts on “Christmas’ Past! 1957-62

  1. I listened to two of the videos, one of them from the year I was born. When Santa added Hoover products to his list, I laughed. I recognised all of those appliances from my childhood. You’ve done an amazing amount of work to share these videos with us. Thanks heaps, Gerry.

  2. Love all your selections but none as much as the messages from your Queen, and my First Lady & President Kennedy Still inspiring today.
    . Strikes me how relevant so much of their messages are.

    A delightfully unexpected set of choices is a great Christmas message you send as a result of your research and through your postings. Impressive,
    Thank you My Kind Sir for sharing~.

    1. I thought you might like them, hoping that they do exactly as have, made you smile and enjoyed the memories.. thank you my lady, as always welcome.. 😉

  3. The queen’s speech was fascinating. I wonder if she could honestly repeat it today though? As BB says much of it is relevant, but I think she would have to say that a lot of the moral issues she raised have gone by the board for a lot of people qv my post about 2DayDM radio station. Plus I’m not sure that anyone considers Great Britain as a major player any more, although we only have ourselves to blame for that.

    Interesting back in 1957, she referred to the men and women who had worked so hard before her to estalish and advance the commonwealth.

    Laughing at advertising domestic products for Christmas. Yeah, a washing machine – just what you want!

    1. Thank you roughseas and you could well be right, apart from a few wording adjustments she could be talking about today, but do you not think she says the same stuff every year.. however glad you liked and enjoyed the memory..;,, welcome and thanks..;)

  4. Her Majesty looks sooo young. I so want an iron for Christmas. 😆 So nice to see the glamorous Jackie again. Thanks for the smiles and memories, Gerry. Brilliant post!

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