Christmas’ Past! 1969 – 74

Friday 14th December 2012.

mt bachelor_oio 2011

My little bit of Christmas to you all..

1969.  This Snowflake Song I am a little doubtful of the year, but as near as I can it shows up as the year but cannot verify. So just please enjoy this little piece of winter wonderland.






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Pop along and leave a request or challenge..

Enjoy0.jpg         MERRY XMAS.....


15 thoughts on “Christmas’ Past! 1969 – 74

  1. Yesterday, in Asda, my husband and I were subjected to the most depressing cover version of Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody EVER! I had no idea that such a fun, silly song could be turned into a dirge :/

  2. Hey, Gerry, I tried to re-blog some of these posts, but my re-blogging mechanism isn’t working correctly on the Christmas site. So I just did a post titled. “Christmas Past Videos From Gerry’s Space” with a link to your site. Hope that’s okay. I wanted a bunch of other people to know about what all you have over here.

  3. I keep thinking each time you are not going to be able to top the series before, but each time you are proving me wrong.

    Karen Carpenter can still bring tears with just a few notes of her voice- the video was magnificent with her song. One of the few pop vocalist of her time that I made a point of listening to. Great choice.

    John Lennon, So This Is Christmas with him & the kids choir….. deep sigh.. I don’t think I need to say.anymore.

    ..except… Thank you My Kind Sir.. Nice Friday night gift.~

    1. My lady You and me have a similar liking, the carpenters always had that soothing voice. and never anything to dislike about them… or her Karen. as a soloist. my lady I always love to read your words… thank you and welcome..;)

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