Christmas’ Past! 1975 – 80

16th December 2012 Sunday

mt bachelor_oio 2011

My little bit of Christmas to you all..

1975   Another one of my favourite songs for Christmas.





1980. This video say 1979, but this song was not officially released until November 1980.

Hope you are all enjoying these posts of Christmas’s Past…  

CyKlopps req

Pop along and leave a request or challenge..

Enjoy0.jpg     MERRY XMAS…..


18 thoughts on “Christmas’ Past! 1975 – 80

  1. I’m really enjoying these, Gerry, and I’m telling everyone I can about them on your site. I posted the link on my Christmas site. Couldn’t get the re-blog technology to work right on that particular site, but at least I got your name, a picture from your post, and your link on there with an explanation of what people can find here.

  2. Greg Palmer and his I Believe in Father Christmas a perfect choice for 1975!
    Love each of these for their memories I have My Kind Sir
    Never had heard the Kinks doing any Christmas music, a whole different side of this band

    Thank you again so much for all your hard work in the research which brings us these great videos ~

      1. People talk? You think? Well then.. My Kind Sir… we could really give something to talk about. We could create a fiction. What do you say? (lol at the thought) Silly & fun.

        These vids you are posting are the most charming happening on WP at the moment. I have enjoyed each one for different reasons That’s good work on your part! Thanks again My Dear Friend.~

  3. Father Christmas is also one of my favourite Christmal songs. Honeymoon Suite also did an excellent cover of it. It certainly helps that Johnnie Dee’s voice is practically identical to Frag Lake’s.

  4. My favourite is driving home for Christmas by Chris Rhea – I was listening to it driving back from the supermarket today! I love that Greg Lake song too.

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