Christmas’ Past! 1987 – 92

19th December 2012

mt bachelor_oio 2011

My little bit of Christmas to you all..






1992.  Her beautiful live performance from Christmas in Washington 1992.

CyKlopps req

Pop along and leave a  request or challenge…




11 thoughts on “Christmas’ Past! 1987 – 92

  1. U2 was it for me in this series. So like Bono and his showmanship, his voice needs no words. How did we miss talking about him & U2?
    J Tull great tune! . It is one of the most perfect Christmas songs in my mind. because it is so different and says so much for the Holidays. Yet I never tire of it. Makes me miss faraway family.

    Great again My Kindest Sir. Your Christmas Videos continue to rock me into Christmas Spirit.~ Not a bad feat on your part.
    You will find me waiting for Santa. ~

  2. Dear Busy MY Kind Santa~ Please find that this year has been treated well by myself,(read I have been a good girl) that I have just one Christmas wish for my list,
    Let me know if I should fax you my list, Santa- knowing time is of the essence with you being at only 4 more sleeps away….:-) Silly Goodness ~

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