Christmas’ Past 1999 – 2004 New Centruy

Friday 21st December 2012

mt bachelor_oio 2011

My little bit of Christmas to you all..

1999 – The Magic of Christmas   Released: October 19, 1999

2000..From Christmas Song Album.

2001…Christmas Memories is the second Christmas album and 57th album by singer Barbra Streisand, released in 2001

2002 From Remastered Disney s Very Merry Christmas 2002.

2003…The Jethro Tull Christmas Album is the 21st studio album released by Jethro Tull, on 30 September 2003

I know it is the second time for him but he is good.


CyKlopps req

Enjoy0.jpg       MERRY XMAS…..


11 thoughts on “Christmas’ Past 1999 – 2004 New Centruy

  1. Sweetest Disney piece with Bing Crosby singing my personal favorite “White Christmas”
    . It has to be Bing Crosby singing this,it or it is never the same.
    Now it feels like Christmas Thank you My Kind Sir~

    Love this Jethro Tull, So if’s different from the version with Big Flute intro? Nice! Flute feels more back ground here then lead front as in all the others. Love to do this,

    Only 4 more wake-ups (sleeps) for you Gerry ~

    1. My lady Disney and Bing are one are they not. without this song then Bing then this song is not right, but Disney took and made it all one. I also love this choice of yours.. Thank you so much for your fabulous support and words…;)

  2. Reblogged this on Lady Barefoot Baroness and commented:
    Where were you when the year 1999 came to an end? This is my last reblog of Gerry’s Christmas Past magnificent video collections.
    Thanks again My Friend for your a generous sharing ~ Happy New Year & wishing on shooting stars does make dreams come true. 😉

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