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Sunday 13th January 2013

(Molly Leigh (1685–1746)

Molly Leigh witch or just misunderstood!

Molly Leigh – the witch of Burslem or was just it accusation of an over reacting clergy. Again.

Tomb of Molly Leigh

Molly’s tomb, as it is today

Molly Leigh – the witch of Burslem

Everybody who lives in the north part of Stoke on Trent knows the legend of Molly Leigh (not Lee!). Her strangely-shaped grave and tombstone can still be seen to this day. Sue Lightwood has written an account of Molly’s life for us….


Margaret Leigh was born in Burslem, which is now one of the Six Towns of the Potteries, about 1685.
Sadly, Margaret, or Molly (sometimes Molly Lee) as she was known, was ugly.  Very ugly.  And in those days, this led to her being shunned, then alone, and then becoming notorious as the witch of Burslem.   She never married.

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Such idiocy prevails to this day. Many people believe completely that certain women are witches, when it is patently nonsensical. How many actual witches (those who have a declared and successful intention to practice dark arts magic – if THAT exists!) have there ever been outside the diseased minds of the ‘good’ people?

    1. Pure and utter misunderstanding, and because of this people treat it as threat. Threat to what we will not know, but the ignorance of some cause the harm or even death of innocent people. Thank you for this comment and more for your visit.. welcome always..;)

    1. It is a very sad fact and why do people treat people this way or any other violent ways,, human nature,,power comes to mind.. thank you Jen for commenting and always welcome and appreciated..;)

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