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20th January 2013 Sunday..

Helen Duncan..Britain’s last jailed witch.

Helen Duncan - UK's last jailed witch



Helen Duncan was Born 25th November 1897. Passed to spirit 6th December 1956.

SPIRITUALISTS are no strangers to scorn, skepticism and stupidity. We face these regularly and deal with them appropriately. But few know that one of our most gifted Mediums was charged with conspiracy and actually imprisoned for her special psychic gifts of proving survival after death.

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  1. It does appear that the wee lassie was up to some tricks in adding veracity, and of course it is that which takes away all credibility. Humans are like that. One flying saucer is proven to be a fake: therefore all are. Etc.

    1. how right that is, very bad misunderstanding about things that cannot grasp or it is just in there heads. Not truth, just imagination..sad though it is.. thank you and welcome..;)

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