Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Friday February 1st 2013

My first for a rather long time,, but I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Weekly Photo Challenge :








32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

  1. Well that is definitely a ‘unique’ tree, and the flower HAS to be one of a kind for sure. The third photo throws me a little, although I’m sure that’s the lid to some kind of aerosol spray can.

    1. It is and edited picture of spray can cap with a camera,, but all bar the cap have been edited to black and white..thank you for your comment always appreciated…;)

  2. I am going out on a limb here.. and what fun.. The can is a can of canned air to blow dust off the inside of the camera, that is sitting behind the can’s red lid and an attached black Kodak lanyard.
    You may have created the most fun photo puzzle.

    Beautiful Bird of Paradise-

    The tree.. you know I love trees without leaves on their branches but this guy is the most eccentric tree I have had the pleasure of seeing. I love this tree and should have it in a frame.

    …and ..so now you have gone and done it My Kind Sir.. not only do you bring us beauty, usual topics, & photos; you now are making us think too? Use our brains?

    Actually very Brilliant, And Unique, yes. . In the very dictionary under the word unique would be a photo of you Gerry.. 😉

    1. My lady thank you for this wonderful piece,, apart from the tree the others have been edited and the the cap is red while all the rest is made into black and white.. and the background of the flower also edited.. and in my book it is all unique.. thank you and always very welcome..;)

  3. Is that tree dead? It might be unique where you live, but here in Australia they’re not unique. However, I think you are pretty unique. No one else thinks of the stories you come up with (like witch stories!). Good to see your photos again.

    1. Yes it is and been cut for safety reasons. There will be more to come just a temporary break,, and giving the photo challenge a go after a break..Thank you so much for your support and comments.. always welcome…:)

  4. The tree species would be nice to know.
    We are very familiar with Stretlitzia reginae – the symbol of our local Horticultural Society.
    The can and top are apparently insecticide for flying insects. The CD player is easy to identify. As for the belt/strap – obviously photo-connected, but that small one wonders for what?

    1. The unique part is that the tree is one off as it is and the flower is where I have photoshopped it and the the other with red cap is also doctored with all being made into black and white apart from the cap.. And i am afraid there is no CD player what you see is the camera.. Thank you very much for your lovely comment as always welcome..;)

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