Dennis & Me, yes another!!

Monday 25th February 2013

The Love Sculpture story..

Welcome to you all from CyKlopps     cyklopps12   enjoy the story. True it is.

It started one morning, when I went down the road to Dennis’s house and found him to be in a bad mood because he had an argument with his Italian mother. About his music, he played the drums and piano and minor part playing of guitar. But today his mother had told him to stay off the drums due to neighbors complaining. When his mother left for work he proceeded to play drums with me strumming the guitar. He was letting off steam and moaning rather like a spoilt brat, but I was agreeing with him because I had just been told off by my dad, who I never had a good relationship with anyway. We were discussing about running away from home. Silly I know but bear with it and remember we were young, my excuse and sticking with it.

A few days later so called arrangements made, which were I would meet him at his gate early Saturday morning and we would then proceed to the railway station and catch a train to Cwmbran, South Wales. This we did and arrived at Cwmbran safe and sound.  We both headed off, I had no idea where we were going, but Dennis said he knew where we were and where to go. Before I say more, Dennis’ dad is Welsh and this was his home town. All very  new to me but apparently not to Dennis, famous last words.

It was now getting dark, and Dennis eventually admitted we were lost, he could not remember where to go. By the end of the day I had now seen more or less most of the place and liked what I saw, we found a phone box,, a good old fashioned red one, don’t see them today, unless you get lost in a village stuck in time warp.

We eventually arrived at the house of Dennis’ uncles home. A nice little three bedroom terraced house in a small estate. They were expecting us, a few hours ago, they welcomed us and settled us into a bedroom, which did not take us long. Well it wouldn’t would it both of us chucking our duffle bags onto the beds and going back downstairs.

In the sitting room was a piano. That evening we all enjoyed a music night. his uncle playing some welsh folk songs and Dennis playing some of his music, classical and blues. I did not play, no guitars.

The next morning came and Uncle took us out and ended up at pub, name forgotten, and we went into the back hall and met up with a group rehearsing. One the guys was a cousin to Dennis, and they were playing the song Sabre Dance. We were introduced to them and needless to say it was Love Sculpture. We enjoyed the rest of the day with them. Even I had a little jam with them, they had spare guitars, I was only a learner, and that day I learnt a lot. Dennis learnt a lot, learnt he had an Uncle who toured the pubs playing Welsh folk songs with a small acoustic folk band, and also a cousin who was about to have the biggest hit single of their life, and become famous. And other members moving on and becoming icons of the British Rock and Pop Scene. Dave Edmunds being the main name.

Three days later we returned home to our abodes and my mum welcomed me home asking if I had a good time. It seems they, as in our parents were ahead of us.. Hope you enjoyed.. 2 naughty boys again.

thank you09

Thank you12


8 thoughts on “Dennis & Me, yes another!!

  1. Kind of takes the edge off of your naughty adventure when your parents are in on it, but an naughty adventure it was, nonetheless! I love the image of a red phone box. I wish they were still around. They could still serve a purpose, don’t you think? 😉

    1. It was naughty in our eyes but we were not as clever as we thought.. There are still a few, very few phone boxes, people have been trying to save them,, and many sold to your country as in red buses.. We used to be able o get free phones calls from tese old red boxes and the type of phones in them.. thank you Lorna..;)

  2. The Wandering (Runaway) Minstrels. Could have been a great folk duo name.
    This is a lovel6 share, and I am so glad you are preserving the memories in a story line format. It lends itself well to you recalled times of your life.

    I find it fascinating that when we meet bigger than life artists of any genre how wonderfully soon we realize they are not any different than we are. When I met Ken Kesey I had no clue who he was, granted I was only 14, and I am sticking to that being my excuse too.

    Once on his farm and I saw the Merry Pranksters Bus (which is now in the Smithsonian) I knew where I was, who I was with, but he was just plain Ken by then, He is my only claim to fame… such as it is..( Oh! I should not forget John Fogerty, my other claim to fame)

    You see your memories prompt us all to have our own out of the past recalls. I love how this works.
    Thank you for another charming share~

    1. Well my lady I think we should have a post from your past adventures,, This is one of a few from my stories with a different approach. and one day maybe will do a few.. thank you for your tales and wait to read more.. but always welcome and honoured my lady,,;)

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