Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Saturday 2nd March 2013


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Epcot April 10 2010 58 Epcot April 10 2010 59 Epcot April 10 2010 52 Epcot April 10 2010 50 Epcot April 10 2010 40 Epcot April 10 2010 41

CyKlopps req click to enjoy

thank you09

Thank you12





12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

  1. These are so beautiful it is hard to choose a favorite. I love thew moon images. They are exquisite shots with the night sky making them illuminate even more.

    And the trees My Kind Sir.I love how you captured the trees in the foreground of all that Flower Power color. Great contrast.

    Fantastic entry into what would be a difficult challenge for me, you make it look easier than I know it really is.
    Thank you for sharing~

    1. This was with in mind my lady, in so much as the flower power and our era of the hippy and flower power.. However this was just before Peter Noone and Hermans Hermits gig.
      Ihe moons are floating objects in a lake that illuminated in the night to music.. thank you my lady..;)

      1. The shots I say are so good that even though I knew (I did realize) the moons are a set I actually could feel the peacefulness of it anyway.I love your description of how the moons are being illumniated to music. I am so there.

        And this was Peter Noone’s set? How wonderfully perfect. You know I covet seeing them, of all that genre of music, which speaks more to me today than yesterday, woould be a walk through many nostalgic memeories.
        I’d adore that.

        You My Kind Sir I want to thank for the details you provided. It brings it all home for me. ~

      2. I have actually got some short vids showing this and with fireworks and you would love maybe try and post them, or give a personal view…heehee! 😉

    1. I wish I could. my camera is just a good quality bridge Fuji and set on One of three settings for night shooting, but cannot remember the particular one,, and a very steady hand or tripod…sorry cannot bee much help..I did take about another ten or more to get one good one… thank you for your interest and comment… welcome 😉

    1. It was and has been,, but not so in the recent times,,just I do have some really nice pictures from there…Thank you Izzy always welcome and honoured…

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