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Sunday 3rd March 2013

Rhinefield or Ornamental Drive or Rhododendron Drive. (Locally known)

At the time of bloom this length of road is probably one of the most beautiful parts in the whole of the New Forest.  I have been along this road many times by car and by foot, and I cannot praise it’s beauty enough. It just has to be seen to be believed.

Rhododendrons on Rhinefield Ornamental Drive

Rhinefield! It’s an unusual name that is thought to derive from the Old English for ‘the open land where rye was grown’.

Rhinefield House, built in 1877 on the site of an even older New Forest lodge, the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive and the nearby Blackwater Arboretum are all on Rhinefield Road – the road leading from Brockenhurst towards the A35 Lyndhurst-Christchurch road.

Rhinefield house

Back in the years of 1972 -74 Rhinefield House, the hotel, was owned by a man called Oliver Cutts, and it use…

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8 thoughts on “

    1. Thank you for your link just been there and liked,, dont know why or how I missed it,, but have left a note for you and yes the house if a fabulous place,, but have not been there for years now.. watch this space for more thanks so much..;)

  1. We don’t have anything like Rhinefield House in Australia; it’s another world for me. And I’ve never seen a drive lined with rhododendrons like the ones in your photo! Looks like a good place to walk when you need a mood lifter.

    1. Trish this is a beautiful place to wander and just relax..if you are into art or writing photography this place is ideal.. Welcome and thank you..;)

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