The Coat.(Ghosty Tale)

9th March 2013 Saturday


I have changed the place and town to suit my local tale. But this story in itself does have many variations world-wide. So please just enjoy the tale for its content, and if you have a story similar them please let me and all our followers know. In 1981 an American academic, Jan Harrold Brunvand, wrote a book called ‘The Vanishing Hitchhiker: American Urban Legends and their Meanings.’

The Tale…

On a damp, dark miserable evening, the hospital standing hauntingly in the background. On this dark evening. the street lights burning dully and casting an eerie glow onto the road below. The A337 Southampton Road the main road leading out of Lymington, and heads towards Brockenhurst.
On this night an elderly couple were driving along this road and noticed a young girl trying to hitch a lift, and against the couples normal view of picking up hitchhikers, the young girl wet and bedraggled and looked very miserable. They stopped and picked her up.
She sat shivering in the back of their car, and told the couple that she had been shopping and had lost her purse, and she did not have the bus fare home. “Oh well, we’ll take you home dear” they told her.
They arrived in Brockenhurst and stopped just down the road from her house. They offered to walk her to her door.
“No, it’s fine”, she said “Thank you for the lift.”
The couple drove home, but when they got there they found the girls coat on the back seat of the car, all wet with the rain. Since they knew where the young girl lived they decided to return it in the morning.
When they knocked on the door, a middle – aged man answered.
“We’ve got your daughters coat. she left it in our car when we gave her a lift home last night”.
“Are you sick?” shouted the man. His wife then appeared behind him.
“People like you should be put away, locked up!” she screamed at them.
     Eventually the confused couple managed to persuade the girls parents that the they were serious – and then the girls parents told them the story: a year ago, the girl had lost her purse whilst on a shopping trip to town, so she had decided to hitchhike home. On this road just outside the hospital she had been hit by a car and was killed.
     Her parents then took the elderly couple to the cemetery to show them their daughter’s grave – and what should they see when they walked towards the grave?  There, draped over the headstone, was her coat.
After reading this tale and knowing it from memory I have now found that there are so many tales similar to this but with the slight differences ranging from the place of the event, and the people involved. I have even seen a television show with the same tale. In fact the hospital in Lymington, no longer there, is one that I spent a lot of time in, supposed to have my tonsils out, but still got them, another story for another day. But this small area, where I have also hitchhiked a lift from, yes it did have an eerie feel while waiting for a lift  because, I lost my wallet.
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27 thoughts on “The Coat.(Ghosty Tale)

    1. Gemma I remember the singer but no specific song, and this song with the vid I can see and understand and like the the link to my tale,, and especially like the song.. maybe you can offer more info if you have any to tell.. thank you and so welcome and appreciated..

  1. Oh, Gerry, it definitely is an eerie story, but when you added that personal experience note at the end it really notched up the weirdness! So glad your hitchhiking adventure ended safely though.

    1. Yeh Sandra, I used to do a lot of hitchhiking in those days, quite often had my guitar or just me.. but i certainly would not advise it today..but it nice to read your comments and that you enjoy these tales of the Forest,, even though this is not actually in the Forest..;) Welcome and honoured,,;)

  2. My Kind Sir, you are so good at starting dialogue about things we don’t normally think about, but should.
    What a great story and a good way to get a conversation going. you can be my co-host for a story telling party any day.

    I will share no need to twist my arm…. 😉

    I have an experience where my late mother saved my then toddler granddaughter from a deadly fall, the air thick with her cologne after.

    I have another to share where a deceased friend would frequent the gravel parking area where je would meet those he would commute with into town with to work. I passed this corner everyday to and from my own place of employment. For about 93 days ( I did not start keeping track at first) I could see Kelly waiting beside a white pick-up truck, as if he was waiting for the car pool. I tried getting off the highway to get to him, and every time he would be gone, Like he was a mirage, the closer I came to the truck which stayed in place the more he started to fade before my own eyes. It did not scare me and I did believe what I was seeing as some spirit world Kelly was stuck on In this plane,
    I was told by an elderly spiritualist in the 69’s that I am receptive to the energy of the spirit world.

    I so love how one memory of another can spark the memory for yourself. This is what you just did for me.
    So many thanks for the story,, and the memories My most Kind Sir ~ your Lady

    1. My lady,, thank you for your story as well,, and this is the exact reaction to posts that go down well, and maybe you keep hold and do one similar,, I have another which is about me as a young child seeing another in my bedroom corner, I believe I have mentioned this one.. but I love to read your stories as well and learn more about you.. always welcome and honoured..;)

      1. You honor me in such marvelous ways Thank You My Kind Sir, Maybe I will do the story for your restawyle as a guest someday. I think our ghostly stories belong here.
        Just thinking out loud.
        And yes I do recall you sharing with me your other story but you posting it here will have more substance than a chat in passing I think.

  3. This does seem to be a well-travelled (haha) story, as versions have appeared in books reporting ghost stories in South Africa. Which is certainly not to say that the same thing may not have been sensed numerous times from different circumstances. Hitchhiking is a risky way of travel, after all.

    1. Yes it certainly does, while checking it out there seems to be variations from country to country and area,, it does fascinate me to find these things, especially when they have been recorded in some form.. Thank you as always..

    1. It was a rather common area for me,, mostly with a friend but also on my own.. with these stories in one heaed quite scary.. thank you for stopping by and commenting always welcome..;)

  4. Neat story. And yes, I’ve hear a variation of it. I believe that there is an afterlife and I’ve had ghostly encounters, so I don’t discount anything–especially stories of kindness fro the great Beyond…

    1. And as you know Lorna with a couple of my stories I have encountered also,, I could talk out this but I take it for what I saw..I dont discount anything my self.. but do have a little doubt,, watch this space..;) welcome as always…

  5. @Gerry, first my thanks to you for unfotgetable story. I believe that story, because much has happened and people do not dare to tell it, they keep for themselves.

    I had almost the same experience with this story
    I have already dealt with a famous magazine for women in Netherlands
    a story that we should only conscious and wise thing to believe, a story that happened very rarely.

    I believe there is another life and another place after the death. We live in the cosmos and mystery of our universe.

    1. Thank you Della, this is another lovely story, and i do believe there has to be something,, not sure as to what though..please always welcome and appreciated….:)

  6. Hi Gerry,

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to read this but when I started I couldn’t stop (great post by the way). My grandmother is what we locals call a “manghihilot” or a “faith-healer”. I inherited some of her “gifts” which I gave to God when I was younger because all the stuff I was seeing just about freaked me out 🙂 There are spirits and the spiritual/heavenly realms are all mentioned in the Bible. It’s not everyone who has the special “eye” to see and sense these things. I ended up pursuing a career in the natural sciences partly because of these things, to understand them.

    Your story is quite gripping, in fact I thought it was good.

    Hope you’ll continue it.

    1. Wow thank you so much for this story and compliment,, am so thankful// I personally believe in something spiritual is about us and guides us ,, just not really sure,,please always feel welcome and thank you.. maybe you have some stories worth sharing..;)

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