Forest Tales..changes..

27th March 2013 Wednesday

My new widget keep your eyes open for it thank you and hope you will continue to support Restawyle and enjoy my Forest Tales and photo challenges, and even if you have any ideas and would like to see any topic particular please let me know and I promise I will do what I can.. Otherwise please enjoy.


Today I have had to make a decision about my time management and the skills I do not have on this. Most of you will know that I have been doing guest posting on Sundays for Legends Undying. Well I have decided to give this up at the moment due to other commitments and wanting to keep my own blogs up to date.

Some of you might have noticed that my postings have suffered recently… I have proved to myself I cannot do it all, plus outside projects, and together with the time needed to compose and research some of my stories and other pieces. So because of this I have decided to cut back on some things I am currently involved in, and unfortunately writing for Legends Undying is one, at least for the time being and not on a regular basis.  Because of this change, plus other changes my Forest Tales will continue here on Restawyle.  I will be starting with a few that I have already posted on Legends Undying,, so I apologise to those who have already read it on Legends. One might say Spring cleaning, although it is not spring cleaning weather.


Starting on April 1st Monday, Camp -Nanowrimo starts, a little more relaxed version of Nanowrimo. I will be participating in this for the very first time. So a new experience for me even though I have completed the past years November’s Nanowrimo. i have manged to finish one story, a romance this year and am trying to edit. While my 2011 I am only half way through a fantasy story, and fully intend to complete. This Camp, I am doing a story based around kings queens and princes and princess. Their struggles for power and life. But all the events are true to my life but I have altered it to fit a medieval period. I hope to update on posts and maybe post a chapter or two on my Writing Hell blog,, please check it out.




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18 thoughts on “Forest Tales..changes..

  1. This can only be a good thing, devoting your time and forest tales to your blogs. Time management is never easy and you have a big time crunch appearing soon with your 3rd Nano project.

    Campnano is sounding better and better as the date gets closer. Going way to camp and having time devoted to writing a planned project like a book is a perfect get away package

    My books, my bags, and my camp fire songs are packed and waiting for camp to begin. 😉

    1. Campnano,, is one project that has made this decision for me,, but the struggle of time and topics all combined make it hard,, always welcomed and honored,, 😉

  2. Oh, do I know what you’re feeling! Smart move, Sir! Tis a rude awakening to realize that you can’t do everything pitch perfectly, so best to do what you love most as best you can. Have fun with those things you love the most, Gerry! 🙂

    1. Thank you Lorna for your support in my posts,,and will try maintain the standards that I like to see.. and continue my travel guide writing .. hheee! welcome and honored..;)

  3. You are going to be a great success with your Camp Nano! I am chomping at the bit to get started myself. 4 more days? Wow, time is flyin’. I wonder if time will be flying while we are in the thick of it. Time is fleeting. That’s for sure. Especially when you are doing something you love and you are on a deadline – never enough time. I will be there with you, my friend, cheering you on. I’ll bring the s’mores. 😉

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